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Shine On, America  (E)
How the UK feels about 9 11

My sister and I both live in the United Kingdom. My sister is going to New York City Center in May to pay tributes to the fallen on 9 11. She will lay some flowers there at the memorial site. The United Kingdom and the world wishes it didn't happen. Sorry if I have opened up wounds here but this poem is how it makes me feel. From a political stance, "Shine on America"
Thanks for the kind words. I loved your poem.
Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox - It is an absolute pleasure, and thank you too.
Krista of House Mormont Thank you, thank you so much for the review credits. You are so thoughtful.
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You're very welcome!
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I Believe  (E)
There is a God and afterlife. If you look and listen, you will see.

Sometimes, in our daily toil, things happen that cannot be explained. All I will say is, now I truly believe.
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In A Life Of Hope  (13+)
My take on life today. Is it the same for everyone?

Who still ponders over our existance, is the end the end?

Oh what a life!!
Kåre Enga in Udon Thani - You are absolutely spot on in all your points made. Those lives in the amazon jungle do not use money in life, but they are still governed by life and the need to feed themselves. They may be free from the grid but still feel despression. WDC offers a life line to those newbies who write about depression and darkness, I reply to them with care.
Spiritual Dawning - Lots of depressed writers. I write best when depressed. When I'm anxious? I dunno. It's good that people here reach out to each other. Many of us are wounded in one way or another.
Kåre Enga in Udon Thani - Yes, our darkest moments squeeze out our creativity. I am the same.
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The Seer  (E)
Words of the late Stuart Adamson

She sees
I was just wondering what is the amount of items that can be held with a Premium membership. Is it a 1000 items?
Wow! Sneaky way to put that in there, Jaeramee of the Free Folk. IMPRESSIVE! *Laugh*
QueenNormaJeanGreeneggs&vegham, here's a creative example by Jaeramee of the Free Folk. Check out the original post and then follow the thread. *Laugh*
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Night Unto Day  (E)
Lovers dwell under the moon light and further into the morn'

Night and day, the love remains. Something which fell out of my head and heart.
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Girl With Grey Eyes  (E)
Lyrics By Stuart Adamson

These are lyrics from my favourite singer-song writer, Stuart Adamson, R.I.P. The music is slow and special. I must state, these are not my words.
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I don't think that I've ever heard this song.

I did it, I reached 10,000 reviews today. Along the way I have shed tears at some of the emotional pieces I have read. To be honest, I've never come across a bad item. Every poem, story and tale has a heart. Keep writing and reviewing .....
Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox - Thank you so much. I feel everyone here is a treasure too!!!
Congratulations! That's fabulous!
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Universal Love  (E)
One thing I know, love is universal no matter what you be.

Love is love no matter who you are.
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A true statement about love. Good call.
Greetings from Angel!
I'm journeying through Wonderland,
and I'd be delighted to have company *Smile*
Drop by for tea and crumpets with Angie and Fluffy,
help them find the White Rabbit
and restore the passage of time to the castle,
and don't forget to leave an encouraging comment or two to let me know you were there
*HeartT* *Cheshire* *TeaG*
"Angel in Wonderland
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
A Place I Go  (E)
Every night I look to the stars, I feel the light.

Aren't the stars so beautiful. A mystic being!!
Thank you for the lovely cNote. My secret valentine is the best. Happy valentines day to everyone!
My Secret Valentine, thank you for the Cnote and all the Gift Points I have recieved so far!!!

You truly are awesome!!!
Happy Anniversary! I missed this. Always thinking of you. Love: Megan
Thank you so much Megan. Happy valentines. xxx
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