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The Ghost Hunt  (E)
I do believe in ghosts and the spirit world. It is entirely up to you what you believe.

I need a good scare from time to time...... I want a ghost hunting night.
Going to see things where they are is one thing, but I'm not inviting them to visit me. I wouldn't do a ouija board, myself. *Scared* Good luck, if you decide to. *Shamrock* I've heard it's very important to close he board correctly when you are done, so be sure to learn how to do that! And be sure to do it. *Wink*

Funny story about that, though. A friend worked in a toy store and a dad brought a ouija board back for a refund because "it was broken." *Laugh*
Schnujo ... Yes, thank you for the tip. That is so funny about the buyer returning the board to the shop. That's hilarious. And... thank you for the good luck wishes. I will sure be safe. The chances are I will never get the chance to do a board. The spirit world will always excite me.
I feel safer for you already. *Laugh*

I think I learned about closing the ouija board on Psychic Kids, a documentary show on Hulu and/or Amazon. There's one from like 10 years ago. I saw that on Amazon. There's one on Hulu, but am not sure if it's still on there. That was the more recent one. It might be on Amazon as well, but I didn't look because I saw it on Hulu. lol They might be on Netflix as well. Anyway, the more recent one used a couple of the kids from the original series. They've now grown up and are helping other kids learn to deal with and control their psychic abilities...seeing ghosts, being medical intuitives, being able to do automatic writing, etc. It was an interesting 2 series. *Smile*
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The Gift of Hope  (18+)
I am fed up with all the suffering people go through, and without them telling people.

Don't suffer alone.
I would like to take this oppertunity to wish every single member of writing.com a happy New Year. There are way too many people to mention. I would like to thank The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress for creating a website of beauty and wonder. Without their work for us all, I would never have had my writings aired. I would never have met such a community of beautiful people. So a special thanks to them. Across the globe tonight, people will be singing, dancing and much more. I take this moment to think of the suffering and losses throughout the past year that some members have endured. Let's not forget those who have been. May everybody have their dreams granted tonight. I thank every single one of you for your time here. Happy New Year to eveyone.
Alexi January Let's have fun. , Amen, beautiful words you wrote. Shine into the future.

Happy New Year, Spiritual Dawning!
*Stary* *Stary* *Stary* *Stary* *Stary*
πŸ’—πŸ…²πŸ†„πŸ…±πŸ…±πŸ†ˆβ›ΈοΈ ...... Thank you!!!....... May the future hold special dreams for you.
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Blue Sky Morning  (E)
Life. Love. Souls. God. Hope. Wonder. Visions.

I felt God this morning, so, I wrote this...... I will give return reviews..... (smiles)..... :)
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The Power of Spirit  (E)
I wrote this in conjunction with feeling at awe of life. I know there is more to life.

There are days when I sit and feel so damn special and don't know why, the spiritual power we all search for is not out of reach. As an amature writer, words fail me. This is the best I could do to catch a moment.
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Then I Held Her Hand  (E)
Have you ever held a lover's hand and felt the real love seep through.

Never underestimate the power of God's plan. He found me true love.
Hey Spiritual Dawning I have to agree with you. I found my true love 20 years ago and I 'm still with him even now.
Hey, that is lovely to know. Isn't it beautiful. God timed his plan for me.
Hey there, I hope you are having a great day. I haven't heard from you so just be safe out there.
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I absolutely admire romance, I just felt the need to air my romantic yearning.
The Bosom of Romance  (E)
Romance is very important for the soul, in my heart you will find it.
Lucky for you that your yearnings are returned. You and your lady love are meant for each other. Enjoy your romance.
There is only one romance for me, she knows who she is. She knows I yearn her.
I know you two are close. Life may bring difficulty, but I know she loves you, and love is all that matters. With love, anything is possible. A young love will mature and grow over time, especially since you two have such a strong bond already. I have a feeling you will be very happy together. You are both quite lucky to have each other. Be well.
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She Comes from the Stars  (E)
Sometimes you find people to be above expectations. This is about her.

If you review it, I will return the review. (smiling)
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Lavender Scented Dress  (E)
The power of a wedding day in the hills of Scotland.

I loved writing this piece.