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the surprise "THE DEATH OF SIR GREY the surprise. Sir Grey is walking in a street that he did not recognse. He was bleeding from the waist, his hand holding his gut was covered in blood.


This is a story of perhaps the death of Sir Grey Arm, as it is told to you. This is what he experienced on that street as he walked down it. There are puzzles that need to be answered. He has the answer or does he have it.

to open the folder go to (item:2310463) The queen has returned
If you want to read the stories there, this is how you can do this.This story is about the Queen Marissa who had her sister occupy the throne while she was away as the viceroy who put her on the throne.

There have been warrants of arrest for the merchants of other kingdoms within in their realm.
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Hello Richard,

Use these curly braces { and } around your item number. {item:2310463} to create this clickable link. "the queen has returned.
{item. ......2310073}The Queen has returned, hear ye hear ye.
I rewrote the first story. I would like you to take a look at it of you can.
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Replace all of those dots with a colon to make a working link.
(#.........3213499) The arrest of Meeko The guards have tried to arrest the man who has paid Tabius to ride a carriage out of the castle. What happened when they tried to arrest him.

When there has been an attack on the Queen. Grey Arm had brought the assassin in to the jail. Grey Arm has lost his cool. What happened there.
{#......2313454}We are not the Brink of war.
Another chapter just written, What Sir Grey Arm learned about the bounties out by the Queen and the viceroy. What the watch captain learned from Vincent about the assassin in the streets.
(item........3213371) the attempt on the queen.
Tabius is being in questioned by Vincent. He is given some answers by Tabius, these words have made an impression on Vincent that would allow him to find this person who paid for him to do this.

Queen Marissa and Sir Grey had left the treasurer's building. On their way to the sheriff's office, they are attacked by a peon on on the street.

Sir Grey has captured the man who did this.
 An attempt made on the Queen  (13+)
Someone tried to kill the Queen, what has happened>
An attempt made on the Queen. There has been an attempt on the queen, by a man who may have seen the warrant for her Oliva's death or capture. They had just put up the bounty on Oliva.

The reaction of Sir Grey and the Queen on seeing the warrant for the merchant that had been arranged. Marissa did not put up the bounty on the merchant, it must have been the other queen.
(item#........2313203) What has happened. This short story is about
The arrest of Tabuis by the watch.

what the Queen is aware of, what the Treasurer has to say about it. Grey Arm brings in a sheet with a bounty put on a Merchant who is supplying the kingdom with spices, oil and other things set for her to captured by the populace.

What the king is aware of.

Vincent has seen the queen when she was leaving the castle.
(#............2313203 what has happened?) the guards have captured Tabius, he has told them what he had been paid to drive the carriage to the other city. He tells them what he knows.

A noble has been attacked by a mob of the populace. The queen is talking to the treasurer when Sir Grey arm appeared there with a reward for the death of the noble posted to a tree outside the community.

The reason she is there is to learn what the treasurer has been spending the Royalty's money on.
{item.#........2312874}what they learn of the viceroy's actions.) The guards enter the viceroy's chamber to see what they can learn there. The viceroy is who they are seeking to find, they want answers as to why the viceroy had taken the queen from the kingdom to be sent somewhere else.
(#......2312514 The defendant has a tracker on her body) the military has lost the attorneys and judge in the court house. The judicary High Council has heard what Major Jacob has to say about the enemy who attacked the courthouse. What he has been told after seeing the HIgh Council from the tech, who is looking over the armour that they have found in the rail.
(item.....#23123524 the defendentant has a tracker on her body)
The trial's defendant has become visible, the beings that have attacked the attorneys and the judge at the court house. What the tech has learned from examining the armour of the enemy.
(item.....#2312492 What the Watch will learn) The watch has found that Oliva the false queen has used a man named Tabius to leave the kingdom.

Dera has gone to the tavern to find out what he can learn about Tabius' behaviour before leaving the community. Another section of the watch has gone to where the carriage has gone.
(item#2310463 The queen has returned) A continuation of the story. (item# 2312313 The rear entrance to the castle) The queen has returned to the kingdom. Queen Marissa had been replaced by a queen that the viceroy wanted in place of her.

The queen has returned the people will rejoice in their finding their queen is back. The Queen wants her sister captured by her entourage. She would want her sentenced and her viceroy who took her place on the throne.
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