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Look what I just did!!!

So pretty! Well done😎

I always say I'm going to set up a site and then flake out.
Well done!
Well done, this looks amazing and so professional. I hope it generates lots of interest in your novels.
I have extolled the virtues of preparing an outline before you write and i must say that Blimprider does an excellent job of describing the process in "Gridlock

It is really worth your time and effort even if you are a panster
Whoo hoo, last inspection today went well. No longer living under the hanging threat of having our house recondemned!
Congratulations! I'm glad to hear you are back in your own house!
Welcome back
Wow - what a relief for you! *Smile*
So, busted my butt and got us back in the house in just under a week, but I am on my third reinspection to make sure I am still working on it. Really getting exhausted.
You got back in; that is what is important. The rest is just picking up the pieces and moving on. You can do this.
You can do it girl
Thanks guys, every bit of encouragement helps
I could use a pick me up my house just got condemned for high ammonia levels. I had too many animals i had to surrender several. Lost my home and half my family in two days...
Will be praying for you six. Hang in there.
I am working my butt off to get it un condemned, but everything is up in the air.
You know something, with all the plots and characters most of us have bumbling around our brains there is one serious truth we must face as writers.

We are NEVER alone, never alone.

Have i mentioned i am experimenting with writing horror? How are we doing?

never alone.....

..... Never alone
just wait...sometimes, those characters will argue with each other in your head
Does any body know how long the aches and fatigue last after the first dose of vaccine. And did anybody else get dizzy?
I had the same experience as Richard after my first dose of Moderna, plus a weird taste in the back of my throat the first day. No dizziness. Rest and take it easy.
The nurses giving the shots here were telling people that side-effect symptoms usually only lasted up to a few days, so if something was still going on after 4 days, to call your doctor.
(edited)I got a bad head cold after my first Moderna shot, but I think that was a real cold. I get my second shot in about an hour.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Poor Tippie Boo Boo  (E)
Misnamings are embarrassing
i fixed a typo.
I finally talked the wife into signing up for this website. She was hesitant she doesn't believe in her writing abilities. Her poetry is sublime. I would appreciate it if everyone would pop by and give her some encouragement.
Dark Aurora
Posted on her newsfeed, look forward to what she writes! She's in my favs now *Heartbl*
I would love it if she visited

My Guest Book  (ASR)
Welcome! Please sign my guest book!
#2001792 by Cubby Camping

In fact, it's open to anyone!!! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
i will check it out and fan her.
Hey! Just stopping by, one step closer to White/Red Queen/King as I journey through "Wonderland and I saw that you were AT THE END and I wanted to say: Congratulations, your majesty! Hope you had as much fun navigating your way through the madness as I had reading what you wrote!
Yahooooo! No *Ax* for you! Congratulations on surviving to the last square and earning your *Crown* in "Wonderland *Starstruck* Your adventure book is a unique treasure and a rare proof of your accomplishment: You came back through the glass...with sanity intact! *Crazy* Awesome feat. Thanks for joining the adventure.

eyestar still in the Looking Glass House....racing and looking at YOU! *Laugh*
I just earned this beauty!

Merit Badge in Reviewing
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Congratulations on giving your  500 th   review!
WOW - Congratulations! *Bigsmile*
Most of them have been at least 250 characters, though a lot were longer. And they were all completely individual reactions, I didn't use a template.
Coffee Queen Sox - I guess this has helped you with your own writing too.
I have officially reached the 500 reviews given mark. I aimed to do it in January but managed it in February!
Thank you.
Good job
Hey, I'm between activities right now, anybody got any good contests, challenges or other activities starting soon?
Please come try out the "Poetry Topic of the Month Contest. The prompts are on the main page towards the bottom of the page and you are allowed to add three poems a month at this contest if you would like.
The Lighthouse Poetry Contests  (E)
Contests With A Christian Theme
#1742964 by LegendaryMask💗
Check this out
"Note: So after a brief hiatus to catch his banana brea..."
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