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Hi I'm the one with a wacky microwave oven. What brand is yours?
Mines a ... Uh. Hold on I forgot because it's fairly new.
One day I ditched my old one and a toaster oven too.
It's a GE. It is pretty psychotic, sometimes it starts without pressing start or won't start when you do. The display is rarely readable. It was a free hand me down when my LG decided to stop making things hot.
Trying to focus on my writing because reality is really feeling overwhelming right now...
Ahhh...Impulse buying! *InLove* *FacePalm* With a brain injury, that's been a serious problem. I bought $50k in alpacas when living in Hawaii while the alpacas were in Virginia on the other side of the nation. Yeah, NOT a good impulse buy. I didn't even have a farm! *Headbang* I ended up selling them for $15k. And let's not forget the several thousand dollars they cost me each month for over a year before I finally was able to get rid of them. Thankfully, I was still in the Army and had money, but it was a very terrible time! *Frown*

Good luck not impulse buying! I'm better, but it's still not my strong point. *Pthb*
Most of the time I just put things in my walmart and amazon carts and save for later. It feels like I am collecting them but it doesn't cost me. Still it is rough.
At one point I hit the limit for the number of things you can Save for Later on Amazon. I didn't realize there was such a limit, but apparently so.
Started a new novel, here is the first scene with my new main character, and epigone, who can gain skills, knowledge, and abilities with a simple touch.
 Fiona's first words  (E)
new character with the ability to absorb knowledge with a touch.
#2215763 by rinsoxy
When are the quill award winners announced?
This is also something nobody had noticed about Schnujo.

I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had to remind her to nominate.

Uh, yeah. That's happened never. *Laugh*

Okay, well only this past year have I been good, really. I took Quills on as a pet project to raise funds and awareness for it and I didn't do particularly well in the fund raising. *Pthb* I distract too easily. But I like to think I did well in the awareness raising. *Bigsmile* That counts, right? lol
Okay, people, I checked my math and the resorted to actually counting the number of books I have finished. Including the one I just finished half an hour ago, I have written 15 novels and one companion guide book to the universe they contain.

I am in a post-completion euphoria.

I wrote another whole book... shock... mindblown.
That is completely awesome and highly impressive. Congratulations!!
My mind is blown as well! WOW! That is fabulous! I hope you are advertising them on all the pages here for published authors! *Wink*
Thanks all, I am only self published on amazon, but I have had some kindle sales.
One chapter left, four little scenes... and woosh I am done!
You are AMAZING! Great work! Keep it up! *Heart*
Thanks. I might actually finish it tomorrow... Thursday at the latest.
Five and a half scenes left on book 14!!! Omg!!!
WOW! That is awesome! Congratulations! *Heart*
Omg, I only have six scenes left in my book! Omg! Omg! I think I am going to finish it this week for sure. Omg, that is less than two chapters!

I just realized that this is about the only place I can say all of that and not have the people reading it think I am talking about a book I am reading. Boy, would that make me a slow reader...
Congratulations, Rinsoxy!
I'm seriously impressed! *Salute*
What number is this one did you say?
I only have nine scenes left in my current WIP! It will be book 14 in the series. I am guardedly excited. I always miss my characters when I have to leave them at the end of a book. *Sob*
Awesome! Congratulations!
This is something you should try.
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo

It is a fun challenge and the prizes are totally awesome. Especially if you go back and do the catch up challenge from the beginning back in February 2017. This January the prizes for that were 333,333 GPs (for 3 years' worth of effort), a review from someone nominated as best reviewer, 150k shopping spree at the WdC store with the option to add to the order since Schnujo for the shipping, cNotes to encourage and celebrate us, 140 raffle tickets, review credits for pretty much every review given during January, and probably a couple other things I can't think of. But that is only in January.

or if you only do it for one year the prized averages 6-7 MBs, 2 guaranteed exclusive

The best part is that the challenge is entering contests and sometimes you win those too.