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Madam, Will You Talk? by Mary Stewart – Audiobook Review  

The best thing about this review is that it's written by WdC's own Schnujo ! What better authority could you get?! *Wink*


*Blush* And now I'm wondering how many more proofreadings I should have done. *Laugh* Poor Robert has been waiting on this book review for DAYS! *FacePalm* But it was a good experience and he's a patient guy...like he had a choice. *Rolling*

Thank you for letting me write this, Robert! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* I hope your blog enjoys its newest addition!
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Whirl of a Girl, by Emily Merrell & illustrated by Afton Muir – Book Review  

This is a beautifully-written, rhyming children's picture book.

Thank you!

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Dutch Engineered, by D.E. Haggerty – Book Review  

Dutch Engineered is a romantic comedy set in the Hague in Holland that introduces a wonderful protagonist called Abby.

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Graystings by Michelle Cobbett – Book Review  

This paranormal romance uncovers a nest of vampires in the Scottish Highlands.

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Common Comma Conundrums That Can Confuse  

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Stone and Secret, by Evangeline Anderson – Book Review  

A ménage à trois YA paranormal romance set in a high school for mythical creatures? Yes please!

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Sounds like my youth in L.A. ... except I was alone and psychotic, not psychic *Rolling*
You were in a ménage à trois in high school!?! *Shock2*

This is most certainly a subject that requires more investigation!

Deets, please!!! *Laugh*

Me, myself, and I. Not creative, but... "handy" *Rolling*
Please check out the latest guest book review on my website.

Kellcey, by Kacey Kells – Book Review  

Today, the book Colin has reviewed is not a romance. It is a powerful feminist book described by the publishers as "The Woman's Rights Bible".

Thank you. *BigSmile*

This is a book I've been meaning to check out...Kacey and I have been following each other on Twitter for awhile and it's on my list.
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The Lucky Escape, by Laura Jane Williams – Book Review  

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Faded Flowers - a LaCharta poem  


I did not find the poem depressing
Good luck! I just joined recently too but haven't played around with it yet.
To be honest, Norb, it doesn't get as much traffic as I'd hoped. However, I shall persevere and hopefully it will come with time. *Smile*

Raven, I'm glad you didn't find it depressing after all. *Wink*
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ETHAN MURPHY and the Race for the Incan Crown, by Anita Mishra – Book Review  

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How Do Children Benefit When An Author Visits Their School?  

Picture book author Lynne Barrie talks about her experience reading her rhyming children's book to kids in elementary schools in Scotland.