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Joyful Account Anniversary!
Bon Voyage!
*Sob* Please drip by at IM when you're back. Trek us who you are.
Scroll. I get confused with these two.
Hello, I had a look at my Spam-list; sorry, I missed you, this will be fixed - is that Bobb or Bob ?
Spring must be here.. trees are budding, and I got my first chigger bite... "ouch"
Again with the strange coincidences that have been hitting me.

I have been re-reading from my Sci-Fi collection. Looking through my paperbacks, I spotted 'Lucifer's Hammer' by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle,..(about a comet hitting Earth).., so I put it on top of the pile on my bedstand. Then, watching TV, the Science Channel did a segment on comets and meteors striking Earth. Upon going to bed, I finished a story in a 1977 issue of Galaxy Sci-Fi mag. On the next page, Doctor Jerry Pournelle's Science Column. He was plugging his book, Lucifer's Hammer, and the essay was about .... You guessed it.. Comets and Meteors striking Earth. ... Oh-My.

(I feel there should be 'Twilite-Zone' music in the background)

1st.. Bro gave me a stack of old Smithsonian Mags. Mixed in were 2 American Rifleman. Each had an artical on guns I own... ?

2nd.. Needing an Alien Race that could mate with an Earthling..(Star Trek it is NOT).. Then I remembered the Neanderthal. Could an alien race have transported some to another world? And could they successfully mate? .. My NEXT issue of Smithsonian had an article on the % of Neanderthal genes in some Eurpian Countries..(around 10%) and the possibility they were BRED out of existence rather than just going extinct ??

3rd.... Randomly picking an old Sci-Fi book to read... The Hero of the 1st story was named Holt... and he called his ship.. (drumroll)...Bob.
Intresting... sort of.

Having no break lights on my car, I took it in to the dealer.

2 guys spent 2.5 hrs tearing the car apart without finding anything wrong, Then one of them checked..... wate for it.....

The light bulbs.
Hearing about another 'Star" dying of an overdose, I thought, "What a waste.", but I found just hoe ease it would be to get addicted.

Exactly 1 year ago.. after heart surg.. I was given a script for pain med. Last night, having a bad headache, I took the 3rd pill.. not bad for 1 year.. but today my body was 'inventing' pains.. A voice in my head said, "Take another of them... you'll feel great." I won't, but now I see how easy it would be for someone with any kind of emotional probs. My mind also won't allow me to dump the rest of the pills... Some day I may need another one... but JUST ONE, and only if the need is great, not to just 'feel good'.
Things that make you go Hummmm...??

Reading through my collection of old Sci-Fi, I started reading 'Riverworld by PJ Farmer... then surfing the TV... Riverworld was playing???? (much diff. than the book.. book was not that great.. stopped reading halfway.. TV version not much better.. didn't finish watching.. bed seemed a better choice)

just bob
Interesting coincidence, Bob.

Good to "see" ya!
You may find this intresting Kristi... In that Rur.Mo. news thingy.. qan article about 'Fox-Hunting'. One of the Pics. looked more like Mattie than Mattie..( Sp.Breed 'Walker').. so she IS an English Fox-Hound.
All right! That's my girl!
Intresting few days... July 7--24. Had a pain.. thoight it was gas?? Trip. Heart Bypass, and a bought of Pmenomya (sp)... and I'm good as new..... sort of... Won't be chaising girls very soon... "rats"
Wow... actually wrote something today... After years, my muse may have returned. Only 1.4K, but a start..."pats self on back"
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All right, Babe. Looking forward to reading it.
Itresting page. I'll have to remind myself to check it a few times a week. What's up with me? Just can't get back to writing... I open a story... then close it and go to FB..."yuck" Where did my Muse go?

just bob
There are times my Muse goes on vacation. FB can give one ideas. Pen or pencil to paper... then write.
*Delight*Hey trekkie!! Maryann said there were some out here! Care to take the dare to write a poem: "Star Trek Poetry CONTEST ? Any thing trek will do!! Pass the word to your sci fi friends and klingons!*Star* Always welcome aboard! Happy writing! Live long and prosper!
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