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As of today, I've reached my 1st weight loss goal of 100 Lbs.! My next goal is to lose 20 more, hopefully by December 31, 2023.
Awesome! Yay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've now lost 95 lbs!!! I put a new picture on my profile page.
Thank you, Annette !

Congratulations, Sandyw1 ! That's an awesome achievement!
Looking good! *Heart*
Congratulations!! That's awesome!!
Thank you Sunny, for the Merit Badge! I really appreciate it.
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Thank you for your support! Enjoy *^*Smile*^*

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Thank you for your support! Enjoy *^*Smile*^*

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Thank you for your support! Enjoy *^*Smile*^*

I have mini bragging rights....I've now lost 88 pounds, and 12 inches off my waist. I'm pretty happy about that *Smile* !!!
Absolutely bragging rights! Congrats! *Cool*
Wow! Congratulations for sure!!!
Soon, the fourth installment will be released…
Why is it that the same people win at bingo every time? LOL
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They buy 20 times more cards than anyone else? Lol
Well, for the last 2 stories, I have to cram in everything from the 3 recent movies (the final story will only include stuff from Halloween Ends and not Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills) and Haddonfield 4 will be the longest so far. It's going to be tough, probably...
I fixed the spelling mistake and I have no idea when to release Haddonfield 4. It's not even started yet. I want to end this series by New Year's Eve this year.
Guess what? Haddonfield 3 is out on June 12 of this year!
I've added a new item to my blog. "My Blog/Journal "When Memories Unexpectedly Come Crashing Back"
I take it that you are a fan of Halloween. 🎃
I've got some good news for you: Haddonfield 3 is officially in production.
This post is a dream I had back in 1973. This dream was also what started my being diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1981.

Please feel free to review it. "My Weird Dreams
Welcome to WDC! By the way, I love your name. I'm a Sandy as well.
I meant to type "here", not "hear". LOL
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If you click the little arrow thingy in the upper right corner of the box your note is in, a dropdown menu will appear. Among other things, it will say Edit Note. *Bigsmile*

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