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Hope your birthday is/was wonderful.
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*Star*18 years*Star*

I haven't let an account birthday go by without saying something. My time at Writing.Com may have been limited, but I can always make time for such a milestone for my internet hometown. With over half my life spent here, I honestly cannot imagine life without the memories from this site.

I have actually been writing recently. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I've written something other than lesson plans and grocery lists that I find I am a little rusty. The words do not flow as easily as they once did. The school year is almost over, though, and I expect a quiet summer. Time may soon be my friend.
you are actually still having school? or are you having to mail out lesson plans etc? Hang in there and stay safe.
Distance teaching, LinnAnn. Send out weekly assignment lists, grade and give feedback on specific ones, attend trainings for using some new technology, reach out to families I haven't heard from/gotten work from, answer questions from parents/students, etc. We're in week 5, so we've reached a new normal and it's easier, but I still spend a lot of my time at a computer to be available and participate in meetings.
SB, I haven't posted anything new. I'm still trying to work the kinks out of an old storyline so I can start writing more than snippets again.
18 Years!!

So glad you stuck around this time... *Wink*

Come and play with us!
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Review to come either later today or tomorrow, I promise. The wi/fi here at the coffee house is kind of wonky! *Bigsmile*
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18 years here, wow! I hope you wrire something amazing to celebrate. hmmm 18, that makes you a wdc adult? *Laugh* Happy Day
Can I use writing lesson plans for NaNoWriMo this year? I guarantee I could make the word count...

It doesn't feel like October without Prep on my to-do list.
you cant cut and paste. You can use it if you are referring to it but write it fresh
We miss you, busy girl.
Hope your birthday was great. I almost missed it.
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I no longer have a blog, so posting here will suffice (since I don't want this posted on my social media):

The incoming of May is always a bittersweet time of year for me. I'm counting days until the very last day of school (14 school days, by the way). This year has had its challenges with my students and personal life and has easily been my most difficult year yet in both cases. I honestly did not expect any sentiment as I bid adieu to this latest group of students and that bothered me. I am pleased to find myself getting emotional as I begin putting together the pieces of their graduation: picture slideshow, memory books, end of the year awards... There is an added layer of emotion as I prepare to step away from the Pre-K program I have dedicated 5 years of my life to creating and step into the unknown. Literally, the unknown. I have yet to even get a call for an interview for a full-time teacher interview and I find myself extremely nervous as the end of this school year draws near (though logically I know most of the interviewing and hiring happens over the summer).

It's all just a massive jumble of emotion that has me seesawing so rapidly I have actually felt nauseous (or that could be the new birth control and the random surges of unfamiliar levels of hormones). Most of the time, though, I just feel tired. It truly has been a long year and even when the countdown to my student's graduation ends, the roller coaster will not stop until I have successfully been hired and who knows when that will be.
Hi Sarah, It really is a stormy sea of happenings this year for you. Life gets like that and although it is not a sea of emotions that we like to go through it is worth going through and trusting in the creator of emotions to find a wave of peace in life's storm is a calming in one's spirit, and the lesson is a certificate of perseverance, a truly amazing reward for the turmoil.

I do hope that you get your dreams fulfilled and that your future is a better place to dance through.

I look out my window this morning and the air is fresh, it's one of those early summer mornings that are remembered, it helps us to be thankful that life is so precious. I am speaking from my own experiences and no matter what, I can still laugh at the things to come because survival is a choice. Prayer has gone up for you.
Alexi *Heart*
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That is a good long run! I hope you write lots of good stuff this week