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I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Development for Bother!  (ASR)
Octoprep exercise for Oct 2nd

Prep for the novel I will write.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
What Halloween Means to Me  (ASR)
An essay on something deeper than candy and costumes
been kicking the idea of a Halloween themed piece of non fiction for a while.
Had a strange experience. I was at the local Oktoberfest celebratrion. I walked up to three different tables and met three different authors.

Instead of being a normal fan, I asked one "how long have you been writing?" She said "30 years."

I told her "well that's longer that I've been writing. I just started in 2020." (I hope I didn't jinx myself saying that.)

This was sort of true, my online, other people see my work actually began on Reedsy, not here. (Sorry all I like it here better.) That was in 2020. I've been making stories up my whole life.

Anyways not important. This lady asks me "what do you write?"

I tell her I write short stories, poems and essays. She says she's a literary agent but she's more interested in long form fiction.

My response was to tell her "I'll have to let you know how NaNoWriMo goes."

So long story I got her business information. I feel lucky but what did I just do? I guess I'm gonna have to write myself a novel. Never had this much incentive to finish one before.*Confused* *Smile* *Writer*
There you go then Vampiric Potato Write your own version of the Canterbury Tales. It is a number of short stories being told in a longer story about people talking about their past experiences.
You are hilarious with your comments about NaNo! I love it! I can totally see how you would be hyper incentivized to finish! Hahaha Good luck!!

You're doing "October Novel Prep Challenge, right?
Yes Schnujo's Veiled Evil , I did sign up for the October Novel Prep Challenge. I need to get caught up on the first assignment.

Thanks for plugging that event on the public feed. None of the good stuff that happened yesterday would've happened if it wasn't for Octoprep.

I wasn't going to do this but here is a shameless plug for my latest short story.
 The Light  (ASR)
You find yourself miles above water
#2305023 by Vampiric Potato

It kind of reminded me of being a cat going to the vet and getting microchipped.*Laugh* *Cat*
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The best plugs are the shameless kind. There's even a page for us to indulge in it:

The Shameless "Plug" Page  (E)
This is the one and only Writing.Com Shameless Plug Page!
#155333 by Writing.Com Support

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Billy  (13+)
Young man brings a gun to an unexpected knife fight

Thanks buddhangela ALL ALONG for your feedback!
So I am learning all kinds of things. People who've been using this site a while probably already know this but theres curly or smart quote marks and then there's this other type called straight quotes. I am so happy that buddhangela ALL ALONG taught me about these. Now I know how to use these things on WDC to make popnotes.(that may or may not be a good thing.)
That's hilarious--"...may or may not be a good thing." You're awesome! CONGRATULATIONS! *Party* She's definitely a great teacher! *Heart*
You're a sweetheart, Vampiric Potato *Heartb*

Maybe I should *Fireworks5* show you how to format *Witch* newsfeed posts *MushroomP* so we can wreak havok *Sailing* on *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*everyone's *UmbrellaR* eyes! (Or not. *Smile*)
I’m sharing the opening line of something I’m writing. It’s just too weird not to.

“How does a human even lay an egg? No really? I looked at the two positive lines and sighed. I was pregnant with a human-dragon hybrid.”

As a human female, I must say that seems pretty horrifying! *Scared* *Laugh* Good luck to her!
Reminds me of a line in an ancient BBC sitcom.

"The Oooh-Aaah bird is so called because it lays square eggs."
If it truly meant that I’d have a dragon when hatched, I’d lay that egg and sit on it till it hatches!! *Rolling*
Whether the specific people who are on religious mode want to hear this or not I’m going to say it. As much as I respect your right to worship, I would appreciate you guys not spamming Jesus comments into every post. Be mad at me if you want but it just seems really obnoxious, overkill and inappropriate! Maybe keep it for your “Cristian”writings in your portfolio and post a link in the public feed instead. Not trying to be insensitive but I needed to get this out in the open.
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Yes. Definnitely agree.

We have a mildly active non-believers, qiestioning and unsure forum available if you wish to join. It's a safe space for us to vent.
I just wrote an essay that I originally posted on LinkedIn. I saved it in my portfolio. Have a look "On The Impact of Wildfires

Here are some things to check out to help you get acclimated:

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Everyone here is very helpful, so feel free to ask questions, anytime!
*Heartp* *Coffeev* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Coffeev* *Heartp*

A poem by Scary Potato

Cool ice and water,
Bag Soothes burning heat
Pillow made of liquid,
Dreams burst at seams,
Too good to last
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Welcome to WdC, Vampiric Potato! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
Stuck inside house
Pollen invaders kill lungs
Longing to see outdoors

—A short poem by Scarypotato14
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