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June is my quick and easy month for

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
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That means contests that require no more than 15 lines of poetry or 500 words or that allow previously written items.

Who wants their contests to be highlighted in June?

Yes, you can temporarily change your contest requirements to fit the June requirements, if you'd like. *Bigsmile*
Awesome, ruwth! Just shorten the requirements to 500 words for June and you're set! *Delight* Yipee!

And, even though it is a Christian writing contest, I will pick a topic that anyone would be able to write about...
Thank you so much for being considerate of the prompt, ruwth! *Heart* I do offer a MB for those who enter every single contest in the month of June (or November). *Bigsmile*

You're the best! *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Tina Stone is looking for veterans on WdC to send an "Honor" MB to. Who has been missed?

"Note: [Image #2250524] Do you know someone in ..."
If you want to get more readers or even more reviews, check out Jayne's Newsfeed note.

If you want to boost your chances of winning a Quill if you are nominated for "The Quill Awards, definitely read Jayne's Newsfeed note!

Main point, fill out all 3 of the genre categories. "Contest entry," "genre," or "other" don't help you. *Wink*

Check out "Note: Listen up! I gave this info out at the PreQuill..."

FYI, the main ceremony for "The Quill Awards is next Saturday, May 22, at 5 pm WdC time, that's Eastern Standard Time or New York City time.

Don't miss out!
I'm bad about just hitting the "other" choice and leaving it at that. Now, I'm making a point to go back and fill out all three categorites! Thank You for that advice!
Did you miss the Pre-Quills?
Watch it here...or listen to it in the background while doing other things. *Bigsmile*
See what some of the more brave WdC folks look and sound like. *Smile*

If you need just the link to put in your own YouTube tab, it's...


The official Quills ceremony for the final presentation of "The Quill Awards for the biggest awards will be next Saturday (not tomorrow), May 22 at 5 pm WdC time. Note what time that is in your local time and follow Elle to get updates and easily find the links. *Bigsmile*

If you find something written in 2021 that you love, nominate it for "The Quill Awards through "2021 Nomination Form for Quill Awards! *Bigsmile*
I changed it, Elle, even though you all are popular. *Bigsmile*

Yes, QPdoll, WdC is on EST. The WdC clock is on the upper right side between the word "Favorites" and your actual list of favorites.
Yeah, the other wording felt kinda Mean Girls lol. Which we definitely are not.

It was fun! As a bonus, it was informative. I’m erasing “other” from my vocabulary as a genre type. Forever. Ha HA!
Elle set up the video feed for the Pre-Quills tonight. Be sure to click her Plus sign so you don't miss any announcements about the Pre-Quills today or "The Quill Awards next Saturday (not tomorrow, but in a week).

Check her note below for the video feed.

"Note: Ooh, check this out.... [Embed FJKnzYHbjuc] "

Pre-Quills start at 5 pm WdC time! Be sure to translate that into YOUR OWN TIME ZONE! (Talking to myself as I mixed that up. *FacePalm*)

And don't forget to nominate things for next year's 2021 "The Quill Awards through "2021 Nomination Form for Quill Awards.
Thank you, Schnujo and Elle!
We're on the bathroom break right now, Sharmelle Expressions, but I hope to see you posting. *Bigsmile*
I know, Schnujo I am there. I was maybe five minutes late today because I did not get home until about 4 pm CST.
Check out the Pre-Quill awards starting any minute!

It's the WdC version of The Oscars, so you don't want to miss out!

Follow Elle to ensure you don't miss out. "The Quill Awards is next Saturday, in 8 days, in case you miss this one. Each presents different awards, so make both, if you can!

To interact or to enjoy with slow internet, click to go to the In & Out! *Bigsmile* "2020 PreQuill Ceremony
If I recall, you have to refresh to keep it up-to-date.

For those not familiar, it's like our version of The Oscars, except with fewer diamonds and more living room backgrounds. *Laugh*

It starts at 5 pm Friday WdC time!

Check out Elle 's "Note: Not long to go! Less than 24 hours until the PreQ..." for a link.

Be sure to Favorite or Fan her so you see her notifications on the newsfeed!

If you have slow internet, you can still take part and enjoy the fun through the In & Out used for those who won't be presenting on camera. All of us can read the official announcements (though not all the on-camera gibbering aside from the nominations and winners) as well as comment and congratulate people. And if you're lucky, your comment gets read on camera! *Delight*

If you don't have slow internet, check out the live event on YouTube! *Delight*

Be there or forever live with the regret! *Bigsmile*

The Pre-Quills announces genre winners and smaller categories. Officially, "The Quill Awards will be in a week, next Saturday. But don't think the Pre-Quills isn't as much fun because you'd definitely be wrong!
Be sure to attend both!
Ugh, that's a terrible time! Time zones are such a pain when dealing with an international group of people like on Writing.com. Basically, I chose the time that best suited me. Sorry!
While it's not QUITE as fun to watch them later, you can see the recording afterward, if you are interested. Also, they go on for several hours, Lurie Park, so maybe you can catch the end if the beginning is just TOO early. *Wink* Are you expecting them to last 3 hours, Elle?
Yes, I would expect so.
LegendaryMask💗 is still looking for packages for her upcoming fundraiser. Who can help her out?

"Note: We need 5 more PACKAGE's to completely f..."
Thank you Schnujo for the shout out. 🤗❤🤗
Would someone please email me a reminder about this, so I can put something together tomorrow? Please and thank you! *Bigsmile*
Will do Patrece~Too busy!!!
Lilli ☕'s Spreading Rays of Sunshine event is open today and tomorrow (May 12 & 13) only!

"Note: [Embed cdKiwSyXl6EqyAVF2a] [Link To Item ..."