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A friend of mine asked his granddaughter for the phone book.

She laughed. "Grandpa; you are so old fashioned..."

She handed him her iPhone.

Two minutes later, the man had one dead spider and a very upset granddaughter because he had broken her iPhone.

*Laugh* *Laugh*
Somehow I don't think that phone had a spider squishing app installed on it...*Think*

But it does make me miss phone books.
Oh no. Poor phone. I once dropped a Sears Catalog on a spider. They don't make heavy Christmas Sears catalogs anymore.
Very amusing.
I have chosen my project for 2024 Na-No-Wri-Mo October challenge.

Tales of the Canterbury Nebula.

5 Alien children had accidentally made first contact with humans on Earth. Now, their diplomatic father or mother had been ordered by the Galactic council to go to Earth for official first contact protocols. During their journey, they share stories of how each of their children found their way to Earth and met the humans.
So many ways to meet aliens... if you don't accidentally kill them. I'm thinking a friendly spiders and how the passenger pigeon was exterminated along with native cultures. Lots of heartbreak and miscommunication...
Kåre Enga in Montana - One of the stories will be Atrace. An crane like avian named Atrace finds herself on Earth due to a navigation error.

Alien: I'm looking for Atrace.

Human: (confused) A trace of what?
Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and Mr. Moms!
I ask this to any member who is retired:

What can I do when my mind needs to do something but my body wants to do nothing? I can only play with our cat for a few minutes before I am completely out of breath. Walking up and down the stairs is like running a race. and I can not focus without some sort of white noise in the background. Thoughts?
You might be able to read using a book stand. If there is a talking book program for blind and print disABLED/physical disABILITIES, you might be able to receive recorder books on loan.

If I think of or find more information, I'll let you know.
Do you have some outside space to sit or a sunny area in a room. Sunshine tends to give energy. Relax and get up and walk around a bit. Have a notebookk to jot down indeas and thoughts. If you can slowly build up your endurance of walking.
I suggest crossword puzzles! you can get them at a wide variety of difficulties from grocery stores or bookshops.
I saw the doctor yesterday. I got a tetanus shot and a pneumonia vaccine along with an ultra sound of my legs due to continuous swelling around the knees. Turns out I have a Baker's Cyst the size of a tennis ball behind both knees. Today, I feel weak and light headed; likely due to the pneumonia vaccine. Going to take today to rest.
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Hang in there hon. What are they going to do about the knees? Did they give you exercises? Keep me informed. I'll pray for you.
Forgive me; I just need to rant a bit...

Colds hit a lot harder than they used to. For most of the day, it felt like all I could do was sleep. I am finally feeling a little better but I'm so out of energy. I miss having more energy than I know what to do with. For those who are still in good health, no matter your age, please take care of yourself.
I hope you recover completely very soon.
With everyone giving different meanings to C.P.R. I might as well give it a go...

Compulsive Poetry Reading

Couch Potato Retreat

Carroll pens rabbit

(Wow, that's a pun. He writes about a rabbit going to wonderland, and he puts it in a pen. I'm brilliant. *Bigsmile*)
Continually Postpones Reviewing
THANKFUL SONALI Now What? - That is very clever. Hats off to you.
I had a bad blood pressure spike yesterday. I managed to bring it down but I am completely wiped out. I am taking today to rest up and try not worry about anything.
Happy Easter!
Does anyone ever get the feeling that they had bit off more than they could chew on a writing project? That is where I am right now with Key Inheritance. It will be going into the back burner for now. Fear not; I have an easier project set aside for 2024 NaNoWriMo challenge.

I have a book that I clocked out of at 150k words and I had not even come close to the big inciting incident.

It happens.
Is there any other way to feel about one's writing projects? *Laugh*
I feel lost in a fog today. The weather is cold and dreary. My body does not want to be out of bed. However, I do have an idea for this year's novel prep.
When I have days like that, I just have a stay-in-bed day. If there's no reason to be up and about for anything, take a day out and just relax.
What happened to the novel I was reading? Did you finish it or give up? Do you want me to read all of it? You can do this Suck it up and send me more!
I was sick all day today. Spent a majority of the time in bed. I do not know what was wrong. My temperature and blood pressure were fine but I had a bad headache, loss of appetite and was extremely groggy. Even our cat, Cheeto noticed and he spent much of the day keeping an eye on me. I am hoping I feel better tomorrow.
I hope you feel better soon.
Get well soon. Your kitty can be your nurse.
*Cat2* Get well soon. *Cat*
A huge shout out and thank you to The StoryMaster for the gift and a huge shout out and thanks to JACE for placing my mind at ease. Thank you! Thank you!
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How are you doing? Are you feeling any better?
Just letting everyone know I'm still here though not very active. I am dealing with yet another cold; I can not wait for spring to hit.
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Thanks for stopping in to say 'hello'!
'Hello' to you too! *Smile*
Sorry in advance; I just need to rant a bit... I am not a fan of crutches. Especially not when my bedroom is on the second floor. The pain meds make me sleepy but it is better than the pain keeping me awake. When one first cracks a knuckle on their hand, it hurts for a few hours. I was told that cracking ones knee will hurt for a few weeks.
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depends on how often you climb those stairs. Also, it can lead to arthritis later. I'm so sorry you are in pain and hobbling.
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