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An entire day off after two doubles running errands for the family. Tomorrow, I have another double and then a regular day off minus it being my sister's birthday. So tired... *Sleeping*

On the bright side, we got a lot done so I will be able to sleep in on Sunday.
tell your sister I said happy birthday Do get rest, you are important.
Dittos on what LinnAnn said, Buddy. SLEEP! (Hebrews 4:9)
Got a new hot water foot massage today. *Heart* It feels so good on my tired feet. *Smile*
Be well, My Friend! Soothe those hard-working feet! *Smile*
Working three doubles this week. *Headbang* On the bright side, I'm also getting three days off this week. Tomorrow being the first. Working 4-9 tonight. Hoping I'm feeling well tomorrow for some good writing. I have a lot of catching up to do.
I still didn't finish reading your piece. I still didn't finish editing space rats.You gave a good REASON. I don't even have a good excuse
I am so annoyed! I got woken up out of a sound sleep by Microsoft Edge browser, a program built for windows 10, installing itself onto my Windows 7 computer! Although it was easy to uninstall, my insomnia will make it near impossible to fall back to sleep! *Angry* Going to try anyway but needed to vent. *Headbang*
I’m sorry, Dear Brother. May the Lord provide His Shalom to rest upon you to give you rest.
Sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeeep.
I got awakened by massive full leg cramps. Are you off tonight? I bet you have to work though. Hang in there.
Just a quick question to my fellow writers... I'm writing a story and then suddenly, my mind goes blank. It's as if my imagination suffered a power outage. One moment my mind is filled with ideas for twists and turns in the story plot then nothing... It's really quite maddening. Any thoughts?

This is the first time this has ever happened so I'm at a loss. Any thoughts?
Jay, that was so GROSS. but the analogy was applicable. *Sick*

Good morning, LinnAnn nano 10 winner,
         "Back and fill" is a colloquialism to speak of any repetitive task, especially one performed in small increments.
Good morning, Jay O'Toole,
         I hate that we cannot edit these Comments. I, too, have made that unfortunate mistake of choosing the wrong font size. Sometimes I am so embarrassed to think another member would believe I was shouting at her that I delete the comment and start over.
         Do not fear, colleague. I understand.
When all else fails you can always text to yourself different ideas you are having so that it is at least written down. It also then gives you a place for thoughts that is mobile. Then again with that said I do use our great site on my phone browse when I feel the need to write and I have a free moment.
Today was a day to mostly just relax and watch the clouds go by. After not having a day off for a full week, I needed the time to wind down. I work tomorrow then get a second day off on Wednesday. Hoping it is a good day for writing.
How are the rest of the family? I hope all well.
I was asked an interesting question at work...

DC vs Marvel comics in a football game. Who would be your first pick for your favorite team?

My 50 year old son, Mike, said Marvel. He walked out before explaining why
Steven, did Flash get his speed back? I noticed this week all the other earths were gone and he had to conserve his speed. He was losing it. Speed could run all the TD's and win.
Trick question, it doesn't matter! At halftime, T'ukdonn, Solar Overlord of the Gridiron Empire, attacks, and both teams have to join together to defeat him and his army of Hateful Halfbacks.
My heart goes out to the peaceful protesters who were injured in the incident during the peaceful protest in Washington DC.
I'm so glad my daughter's National Guard Unit wasn't involved in that.
Sharing a good laugh for those who need it.

I recently bought a small glass jar with a locking lid to hold sugar while I clean the larger one which we all use. The spare that we had broke. I showed the small glass jar to my mom and she smiled ear to ear and said, "Oh, how sweet of you! Now I don't have to lift that big jar to make my tea!"

Had she only told me the glass jar we used was getting too heavy for her hand, i would have bought it earlier. instead, I said. "Yup! that's why I bought it..." *Laugh*

What a good son you are! *Smile*
Awesome dude! that's just what I would have said