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I've added a new entry to my book, "A Child's Courage.:
         "The Maze
I have added another chapter to "A Child's Courage.

I hope to have the entire rough draft posted by Christmas. This project is to show those new to writing novels the amount of work and satisfaction that goes into writing a story.
Thank you, anonymous for the Winter/Holiday Costumicon! It is greatly appreciated! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* *Heart*
It's been a while since I added chapters to my novel. I forgot to manage the chapters so they appear in order. I apologize to those this may have confused. It is fixed now. More chapters to come.
I've added a new entry to my book, "A Child's Courage.:
         "The plot thickens
I've added a new entry to my book, "A Child's Courage.:
         "The Bayou
I am finally done moping and ready to return to my novels. I just added a chapter to my novel A Child's Courage. More will follow in this novel and the others in the days to come.

"A Child's Courage.
I"m loving it so don't make me wait too long.
Happy Holidays to everyone on WDC and beyond!
Happy Thanksgiving, Eric, to you and to your Mom! 😃
I stumbled upon a YouTube video that I just had to share...

A little boy with cerebral palsy who was told he may never walk again surprises his father by walking into his arms upon returning from Afghanistan. This is true courage and determination.


made me cry
Insomnia keeping me up again. I am tempted to take another Melatonin but I have to be up in five and a half hours. Taking another may cause me to miss the alarms. Fortunately, I am off tomorrow after my mother's doctor's appointment. Maybe I will get some sleep then.

Anyone else an insomnia sufferer?
Quite the opposite for me most of the time, my Friend. I've lived most of my adult years in sleep deprivation, due to work and other responsibilities. I'm often "out like a light" the minute my head settles into the pillow. (That could, also, have something to do with the late hours I keep on a consistent basis.)

However, when I was able to be more consistent with my sleep schedule, I found it necessary to take Melatonin, regularly, too. (Too much Melatonin would cause me to have your same concerns.)

In recent years, I have found calcium and magnesium products to aid me in becoming sleepy in similar seasons of my life. Both capsule and powder forms have been beneficial to me. I'm not a doctor, so I can't prescribe anything, but the all natural substances have helped me.

So, there's my testimonial. Do the research. Ask your doctor. *Smile*
Minor tip
Studys have shown that if you think positive as in
I will fall asleep eventually
Then your more likely to fall asleep.
I believe that, speedway. I'm finding that how we speak to ourselves has more bearing on us than I previously realized. Not sure why, because I've always known that how others speak to us has a bearing. lol

As for taking additional melatonin, I wouldn't recommend it. It can cause nightmares, and can either cause you to be too tired the next day, as you were concerned about, but could also cause you to actually not be able to sleep. In any event, taking more was a bad idea, so good job not doing it. *Wink*
Thank you to whomever GP pranked me earlier this week. I had been dealing with a lot and forgot to post this. Rest assured, I pranked someone in return to move the Game of Points along.
The pranking seems like this clip from SNL, featuring Dana Carvey & Steve Carrell. Enjoy!

I am officially now strictly a tea drinker. My doctor has ordered me off of coffee as it raises my blood pressure too quickly. I have not had a cup of coffee in over two weeks now and the migraines that followed that cold turkey run were a testament to just how hard it is to kick such a habit.

Fortunately, I have found a number of tea brands to explore and experiment with. English breakfast Tea is one of my favorites along with Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea Tension Tamer.

I will be posting more tea brands and flavors as I try them one by one. I have a whole new world to explore...