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I have a question - Is anyone familiar with Access Media Group?
I received an email from them stating that my book Living In The Concrete Corridor - Book 2 of Concrete Reflections had gotten their attention and they would like my contact information and that they had great news... that being that they would like to partner with me as my dedicated Publicist and Book Agent and consider me to a Radio Interview at THIS WEEK IN AMERICA with RIC BRATTON.

Can anyone tell me what all this involves?


Scroll down the review of "Joel Y" for a great big hint.
         In the late days of print-only, there was a publishing house called Vantage Press. Their market claim was that they would get you into print, period. No editor turning his thumb down on your project, no marketing department head wanting to re-shape your brainchild into something "saleable".
         Just one catch. They would print as many copies as you could afford (can you say "HELOC"?) , for you to sell by hook or by crook. They were the foremost of the "vanity" publishers.
         It would be less than completely fair of me to fail to mention their legitimate purposes. It was not uncommon that a church congregation would go to Vantage Press to print and bind copies of their pastor's sermons, or the yearbook of church activities.
         Access Media seems to be in this business also, in its twenty-first century iteration. It;s a legitimate business, but it may not be the partner you have in mind.
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Wow! I got a wonderful surprise in my email - an award for cheering on poets in Parade of Poets for the month of April!

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An award for cheering on poets in Parade of Poets
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