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Happy Birthday ShiShard And many more.*CakeB*
I have cut back on my expenses and no longer have a premium account here. With that went my Signature Shop and my cNote Shops. I enjoyed running these shops for several years here on WDC. I want to say thank you to all members who visited and purchased items in my shops. *Heart*
Wow! I got a wonderful surprise in my email - an award for cheering on poets in Parade of Poets for the month of April!

Thank you so very much to those who made it happen.

An award for cheering on poets in Parade of Poets
Congratulations to all of the poets whose poems were entered in the National Poetry Month of April 2019! *TrophyB*
Happy 12th Anniversary *BigSmile*
I still enjoy writing.
Very well said. 😁
I have a new book published. You can find it here - http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/shishad
I've created a new trinket -

You can collect it here.
Thank you, ShiShad *Bigsmile*
Beautiful. Port Orchard? *Shock* That's where my folks lived. I'll be in Portland on Sunday and was thinking of heading up to Seattle to see my brother. I'll certainly wave as I go by. *Laugh*
Wishing you a Happy 11th Anniversary.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *Smile* *Cake2*
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday *CakeB*
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Just made my donation to Childhood Cancer Research at Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. in honor of Friends of Phoebe. *AwarenessO*
Happy 10th Anniversary, wishing you many more.*CakeB*