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Thank you Ninja Monkey!
I need prayers for my son, Jonathan, who checked into the hospital with trouble breathing. He tested positive for Covid and had been feeling out of it two days before Thanksgiving. I know this community is a loving community, and right now my son is in need of prayers. Please pray for my son so he can get better. Much appreciated~
Praying for Jonathan right now *Pray*
Many prayers for Jonathan.
Thank you all so much. So far Jonathan is stable, not improving as much as the doctors would like. So prayers are always welcome, I really feel it helps. I told him you are all praying for him and he sends his thanks. *Heart*

WOW! Thank you, Anonymous!
I will pass these GPs on anon. *Wink*

WOW! Thank you so much Anonymous!

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"Thank You, Anonymous!"
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Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
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Thank you, Amy!
*Party**ConfettiR* Happy Birthday *Cake**ConfettiR*

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Thank you, Perry! *Smile*
*HeartP* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatR* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeV* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatG* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *HeartP*
*BalloonB* *Quill* *BalloonG* Happy Birthday, Jeannie! *BalloonG* *Quill* *BalloonB*
*HeartG* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatB* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *CupcakeB* *ConfettiB* *Bigsmile* *ConfettiO* *PartyhatP* *ConfettiP* *HeartY* *ConfettiB* *HeartG*
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Thank you, Phyllis! *Heart*

Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*GiftV* *Giftp* *Gifty* *GiftG* *GiftT*
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Thank you so much, Lilli! *Heart*
Happy Birthday! Enjoy yourself *Cat2* *Hearty* *Sun* *Hearty* today and have a wonderful Day & Year!! *Paw* *Cakeb* *Hotair* *Balloonv* *Heartb* *Cow* *Thumbsup* *Butterfly2R* *Tulipr* *Leafr* *Pumpkin*
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Thank you so much, Hooves! *Heart*
Happy Birthday Jeannie

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Thank you, Lurie! *Heart*
Happy Birthday Jeanie
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Thank you, Mary! *Smile*
*Rabbit3**Teapotv**Teap**Cupcakev*It's a Tea Party! *Crazy**Cheshire* And You are Invited!*Delight*

*Rabbit**Fairy2* Here I am down the rabbit hole and presto! I now am like the white rabbit and hop around! *Rabbit2* I hope I am not too late to invite you to visit me...*Clock* if you can find the real me. I have changed so many times already.*Shock2* It would be helpful to have your super Power presence as I know you can see me through all the fog here. Try to avoid the smoking caterpillar. The *Cheshire* *Cat* will show you the way to the Mad Hatter's table. I have already requested a special place for you. I am just about to ask Time to give the Hatter a break so we can actually use clean dishes and not keep moving on down! I have it on the best authority that the Queen of hearts tarts are delicious. *Heart* and you can have kind of tea you like! Anything is possible in the rabbit hole.
A great place to celebrate your 10th anniversary. *Balloonp*

*Tree*Here is the entrance:
Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Again!  (E)
Another Wonderland adventure full of nonsense.
#2242255 by eyestar~

*Delight*Oh and please feel free to visit other white pawns, who might also like a little cheer! After all,
We Are All going MAD here! *Crazy**Laugh*

*Pointright*eyestar down the rabbit hole or in the looking glass. *Pointleft*
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I definitely don't want you going mad, Mona! *Heart*
I will visit you and cheer you on. It sounds
scary according to your account on where you are.
I love tarts, and tea will be a delight only if I can
sit between you and Rachel. I'd feel safer indeed.
Okay, cheering on the white pawns will become my prerogative. *Smile*
Image used in Wonderland activity.

From pastor’s mind,
My world was made,
A place of rhymes and fun,
There even is a place where you
Can eat a sticky bun,
On my lawn, the croquet set
Flamingos, hedgehogs thrive
But just beware the Jabberwock
For it eats folks alive

If you want to check out more of my Wonderland writing, you can find it here:
Wonderland Writing  (13+)
A book to hold all my items written for Wonderland.
#2242651 by Choconuts Roasting

Thank you, Rachel!
I thought, as I was was reading, what a beautiful poem!
Then I got to the last line, *Shock*

I shall check out your work, and give you a review. Maybe even cheer you on. *Smile*
Thanks, Jeannie *Heartv*
Happy WdC Anniversary

Congrats on your 10th year WdC anniversary! What an accomplishment. We appreciate all your reviewing, even if you don't think you write enough reviews. None of that from you! *Laugh*

Happy, happy. Enjoy your day.

~Nixie *Heart*
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Thank you, Nixie! *Heart*

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