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You've been around for 7 years!


Here's to many, many more wonderful years ahead!

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You're back, and so happy to hear from you again. *Heart*
Thank you so much for the well wishes. *Bigsmile*
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Yup, I'm back! *Laugh* You're most welcome, Jeannie *Heart*

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*BalloonG* HAPPY 7th WDC Anniversary, Jeannie! *BalloonG*

Thank you so much, Hannah, for your most colorful wishes. *Heart*
Now I can invite all of WDC to help me eat all those colorful cakes dancing before my eyes. LOL
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You're welcome, and they do look yummy! I could go for some cake myself. *Laugh*
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*Confettip* Happy 7th WdC Anniversary! *Confettip*

I brought some cake to help you celebrate.
Have a great day!
Thank you so much, Lornda! *Heart*
I so love chocolate cake with pink frosting.
Good choice! LOL

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Happy 7th WdC Anniversary Jeannie!

Seven years strong. Now you have to stay for at least another seven. You didn't read that in Writing-101? It's mandatory. *Laugh*
Thank you, Nixie! *Heart*
I definitely will stay another seven. *Bigsmile*
*Heartp* *Balloonp*Jeannie,*Balloonp* *Heartp*
A very happy 7th WDC anniversary!
You brighten this community and I'm glad we got to know each other.
Enjoy your day,
*Heartp* *Balloonp*Sally *Balloonp* *Heartp*
Thank you! *Heart*
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Lady Jeannie, *bows gracefully*

I am here as part of my task at "Wheel of Torture to shower my mighty warriors with some love. In this difficult month when you have to push back your softie, cute and nice side, I understand how hard the games can be.

Thank you for rendering your amazing services to House Martell and thank you for all the amazing things you have done and continue to do for Martell. The sun is very proud to have warriors like yourself to protect the throne from ill-intentions.

With honesty and loyalty, amazing writing and reviewing skills, you have impressed us all.*Heart*

Ooh and some love! *Heart* *Heart* *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*
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This is an amazing write-up Aqua, and I feel so honored by what you wrote. You just made me the most happiest ever to have this greet me when I logged on to WDC. You are so ry amazing yourself, my dear friend. Thank you! You've touched my heart.

~Jeannie *Heart**Hug1**hug**Hug2**Heart*

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I know I'm a little late for the party
but still . . .

*Glass5* *Candy5* *Cupcakey* *Cupcakep* *Cupcakeb* *Candy8* *Glass5*

*Giftt* Many Happy Returns!!! *Giftt*


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Happy Belated Birthday!
I hope you had a great celebration, Jeannie!

Thank you, Jay! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* I appreciate the sentiment. *Heart*
I've enjoyed getting to know your port in a journey of 10 reviews and an acrostic that told a tale about the justice system.
You've been patient and for that this writer is thankful.
serving Him by serving you,
Copentor out!
Thank you so much for those ten reviews. The acrostic I will treasure.
Patience is a virtue, and I'm glad I was! The outcome was worth waiting for. *Smile*
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Hey, congrats! I just saw that you won 3rd prize in March's Good Deeds Get Cash -- that's super cool! *Cool*
Thank you. I won Good Deeds eight times throughout the years I've been a member of WDC. I won 1st three times, I won 2nd four times, and now I've won 3rd. I have a feeling this will happen to you, too, Jay. You have prowess, according to evildawg. That's quite some praise! *Bigsmile*
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EIGHT times? That's quite a feat! *Salute*

Thanks for your well wishes -- I'd love to win something like that someday! *Delight*
You will, just keep the faith.
Your reviews show your own style.
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I have enjoyed getting to know the Wordy Jay: on-and-off line as part of the NAG Showcase Support Program.
We've talked throughout the month of April, and found we have things in common. There are many people we meet in our lives, and only a few make a lasting impression. Jay is that person.
Please check out
You Wanna Gift Me a Review?  (E)
Why, thankee! How kind of y'all. This way please . . . watch the steps!
#2114498 by the Wordy Jay: on-and-off line

Aww, thank you, Jeannie! *Blush* You're very kind!
I state it as I see it, Jay. Good luck! *Heart*
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I can't believe how much variety is in this portfolio!

Please check out the Wordy Jay: on-and-off line if you're looking for something to review. He writes in different genres, and you're bound to find something that'll catch your interest.

Read "Daily Gurgles that he wrote for 30-day blogging. It's very interesting and reveals who Jay is as a person.
Thanks for sharing that, Jeannie. I strolled through this blog myself and found it quite impressive, as well as entertaining. Smile
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I know!
I couldn't stop reading it. *Bigsmile*
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~ Pat ~

Aww, thank you so much. You're very kind! *Blush*
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HE is Risen!!!

*Rabbit3* Have a Blessed Easter! *Rabbit3*

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