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I've added a new entry to my book, "What I'm Talkin' 'Bout:
         "The Greater Fool
To play it safe or burn in a blaze. That's the question many of us face at various times in our lives. You pose the dilemma ... others should read this entry. I left a comment.

There are currently only 5 entries for this month's "Short Shots: Official WDC Contest *Shock*

Just as a reminder, the top prize is:

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Merit Badge in Short Shots
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Congratulations, you won  Second Place  in the   May 2011   round of  [Link To Item #shortshots] !

If ever you were considering entering one of the official contests, this is a month where you currently have pretty good odds! *Bigsmile*

Short Shots: Official WDC Contest  [E]
Use the photo to inspire your creativity. Write a short story and win big prizes!
by Writing.Com Support

Oops... I gotta remember to email and post about them... I think I missed both for May.
I'll make note for June. *Smile*
The StoryMaster -

And number two... thanks! *Pthb* *Bigsmile*
Ooooh. Nice MB! *Heart*
Hi Jeff. Sorry to bother you but I posted the wrong story on the short shots competition. Any way I can change this?
Hi Myles Abroad - I deleted your submission to "Short Shots: Official WDC Contest so you should now be able to resubmit an entry to this round of the contest. *Smile*
It's back!

"Musicology Anthology (2020 Edition) is officially underway and open for the next three months!

If you think you've got what it takes to write short stories based on an album's worth of songs as inspiration, and if you want to compete for some truly amazing prizes, please check it out and consider entering.

Musicology Anthology  [13+]
An annual challenge to write a collection of short fiction based on a musical album.
by Jeff

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OMG Yessssssssssss!!! I was hoping you'd come back and force me to try and write out stories for this album I'm completely obsessed with. *Heartbl*
Yahoo! See you are falling down the rabbit hole! *Thumbsup* I loved your blog on the key! Wow. Couldn't click on like or comment as it is not showing. *Wink* Good luck.
Thank you! I changed the format of the book item so it should now allow commenting on each entry. *Smile*
I just read your other entries and did not see the comment section. I think it is only on blog type format. or a glitch. LOL
Thank you all for the well wishes for my account's 17th anniversary yesterday! All of the notes, merit badges, emails, reviews, and gifts were greatly appreciated! *Delight*
You're still a teenager... next year you'll be 'legal'. *laugh*
Happy Anniversary Jeff *Heart*
Happy 17th WDC Anniversary, Jeff!

Here to celebrate it with you 🥂🎉🎂👑🎂🎉🥂
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday Jeff!! *Delight*
*Vine2**Giftb**Vine1* "HAPPY 17TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, JEFF!"*Vine2**Giftb**Vine1*