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My decade in reading/listening:

         *Bullet* 345 screenplays
         *Bullet* 708 books
         *Bullet* 825 comics
         *Bullet* 6,802 podcast episodes

And people say I'm an introvert... pfft.

*Reading* *Jamming*
You actually counted??? *Shock2* maybe you are an introvert with time on your hands. *Wink* Awesome accomplishment.
That's exactly what introverts do!
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Jeff's Jibber-Jabber:

         "High Hopes
My son comes out of his room this morning wearing one of those headbands with Christmas antlers.

Him: "Look, these are my ears now!"

Me: "So are they your... antlears?

My Wife: "You just love the fact that you can tell dad jokes now, don't you?"


I make dad jokes even without kids. *shrugs*
It's like a firmware update the moment your firstborn arrives.
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Jeff's Jibber-Jabber:

         "2019 Reading List
It's almost time for my favorite activity of the year... the "Wdc 19th Birthday Masquerade Party is coming! *HappyCry*

I've been Batman. I've been Christian Grey. I've played Kylo Ren, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ethan Hunt... and even a Sexy Nurse that one time.


There's still plenty of time to sign up and join in! *Delight*

The most infamous party around is back for another year of fun and murder.
There's less than a week left to enter this month's "What a Character! : Official WDC Contest and we only have five entries so far! *Shock*

Make sure you get those entries in... your odds of winning are pretty good at the moment! *Bigsmile*

What a Character! : Official WDC Contest  [E]
Create a memorable character using the given prompt for huge prizes!
by Writing.Com Support


Don't enter!

You're all far, far, far too busy!!!


But if you'd like to offer a constructive review, then my entry is:

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2190403 by Not Available.

Y'all better be bustin' some serious words! My entry got fixed, so I'm in the game again! *Wink*

Happy Death Day  (18+)
A death row inmate meets the end of his sentence. For "What a Character" 05/2019
#2191360 by Sorji is ahead of the game!
Almost done with my entry. *Wink*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Jeff's Jibber-Jabber:
shadowfanglerz and I are going to see a Burlesque version of Avengers in Long Beach in May. *Laugh* I haven't really kept up with the franchise past movie 2, but I predict it'll be a fun night. *Bigsmile*
Your mission, should you choose to accept it... select a musical album and write a collection of short stories based on each of the songs from that album. The contest runs from now until the end of July and has HUGE PRIZES! Don't miss out! *Bigsmile*

Musicology Anthology  [13+]
An annual music-themed contest that challenges you to write a collection of short stories.
by Jeff

Special shout-out to the always awesome iKïyå§ama for entrusting "The WDC Soundtrackers with this amazing contest!
No, because it's still only one bad word per entry. It's not per folder or book item, it's per entry or item. So one per short story. Milder ones are caught under lower ratings, so for GC it's 'harsh or sexually derived cursing'.

Also, referring to them by letters is considered the same as writing them out in full, as far as Writing.com goes.
Thanks so much.

Had to find out before I got ahead of myself. The contest asked for why the album is important and this one personally is. Now to make sure I can come up with a story for each song in time.

(Didn't think I could write the titles out in the newsfeed so I shortened them.)
@Lilli - The stories do not need to be literal interpretations of the lyrics of each song. The judges will be looking for some throughline or basic connection between the stories and the song lyrics but it doesn't necessarily have to be exact. We want to give you as much creative freedom as possible! *Smile*
*Balloonp**Quill* Yippee! Way to go Jeff! Congrats on your QUILL AWARD! *Salute*
Thank you! *Delight*
Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me a cNote, notebook post, merit badge, or other surprise for my account anniversary. It's been an amazing sixteen years up to this point... and here's to another sixteen on the horizon! *Bigsmile*