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An announcement for anyone who can actually see this:

I just noticed Tinyman0001 has deleted their account, which I'm quite sorry to see. I have backups of all twelve of the chapters I contributed to their interactives, so expect those to go up on my page when I'm able to find the time. I will likely also submit them to Giantess World or some similar site soon because I am tired of this happening.

If other people are missing chapters as a result of this deletion, I can help do some digging to see what we can get back, though I only have so much time on my hands. I hope everyone in the WDC community is having a good year so far, despite this unfortunate turn of events.

Thanks for reading,
I didn't know them, but I think that's really sweet that you are letting others know and are working to preserve what you can! You are a good friend!
You're one of my favorite authors on here, and I was so annoyed to see your chapters vanish. Thank you for the update!
Not sure if you already know this, but since you said, "An announcement for anyone who can actually see this," the way notebook posts work is that they appear on the Personal Newsfeed only of those who have fanned you. I see you only have 6 fans, so only 6 people would automatically see your post if they looked at their newsfeed. When you click Newsfeed on the left, it automatically takes you to your personal one. That's the only place most folks look.

Anything you post also appears on the Community Newsfeed, which is where I found you. EVERYTHING posted in a notebook (different from our fully private notepad) appears on the Community Newsfeed so everyone looking at the Community Newsfeed (just click the button at the top of your Personal Newsfeed to see the Community Newsfeed) can see everyone else's posts. Very few people look at the Community Newsfeed. To boost the number of folks who see what you post, you need to encourage folks to fan you. (I'm talking about when they click the Plus sign by your name once or twice. Honestly, I'm a bit shaky about the benefit/difference between it being pushed once vs. twice except that one means they fanned you and the other means they favorited you, but I don't know what the difference means).

Maybe you already knew all this already, but just in case... *Bigsmile*
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