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ballads of the mountain caps

When the blue jay sings she cries to the ties of steeper degrees: - from massive impact to gentle gratitude

When the winter snow drips its shrinyness, does it tip your wisdom to your creative stunt kite

When the winter snow coat wraps over the toasty rockies baking hotly in the high circulating sun

When bluejays swing on autumn leaves, are they just dancing to the grooves of the neighborhood stream?

When the bark comes fully un-rapped from the tunnels of the land maps

When the winter flowers sing of a thin frosty sting of cycling dreamyness

When does the field mouse outrace the fliers might, - of tingly hunger strikes

When does the trout bounce through the hole to freedom around the ice Fishermans snare to feeding himself

When the fish sleep where the glaciers dug deep and the minnows shimmer in the surfacing glitter

Fall - winter 22-23

~ Quiet the Wilder
who else cried when they caught the news that tom petty had died?
oh I am also a mystic and tom petty says hello, or howdo! *Smile*
or at least one of those whimsicle words
I didn't cry, but it did make me pull out my CDs, LPs and cassettes for a day. I think. That was 6 years ago.
I no longer mark, or perhaps track, my reading progress in pages, but instead in the depth of passages 😉
I've learned that a writing peace sometimes has to come out a certain way for the sake of getting written, then reformatted if need be, to be more understandable to a broader audience.

I think I just rekindled an old poetic root to my writing evolution

Your heart beat, feel your heart beat
Feel it rise feel it fall
Feel it a thump deeper
when you stumble from a brawl

Your heart beet, feel your heart…. beat
Feel it softly stab a feather of
sharpened hardness
When death do you part
just some facts for thought... an observation, if you will.
in practically every cold bitter snowy weather scene in any film or show going back at least 30 years, the characters are seldomly wearing their hoods:; by the end of the scene often time a character would have gotten frost bite.... .... ... they're practically never wearing their dangum hoods!

any one else ever notice this?


For lack of a better title.

18 months I worked at Curries Door Manufacturing in Mason City Iowa; doing 60 hours a week for most of it:; and on 2nd shift. My last night there, my big-headed useless foreman (who had an ego bigger than the universe, and whose name rhymed sadly well with yawn) didn’t even come around to give me a farewell handshake: the line leader and asst. lead both had the decency to bid me farewell and good luck.
There was another guy, a bit of a bodybuilder, who was there 5 months, and the foreman had a pizza party for him on his last night.

and I think thats all for this little story


~ Quieter the Wilder
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Sorry to hear you weren't treated fairly (and had to put up with a useless foreman for a year and a half). Please remember the way Big-head treated you (or didn't treat you) doesn't reflect in any way who you are or how you conducted yourself while on that job. The way he treated you is all on him. I hope you feel lighter for having him out of your life. *Peace* *HeartV*
Sensing another movement, a fairly large animal, farther away, she turns her head the other way. A glint of shiny brownish gold:... a funny rear end waddle in the walk;... venturing among the dispersed trees;... a clearly defined hump between the front shoulders... fair size. It stops here and there for a few seconds, munching on berries, grass seeds, flowers and pollen; now and then making a swift lunge, probably snagging hopping insects. Slowly making it's way towards the river she pauses a couple times, holding her head up higher briefly glancing Lily's direction;.. Lily feels the female bear's energy strongly, knowing the she bear is sensing her harmony and zero threat:... continuing casually about her business... slowly crossing the river... eventually wandering out of sight:... Lily turns her head back toward the lightly clouded bright blue sky;... more minutes pass:... or maybe an hour.
Her body feeling very relaxed after the long lay down on the warm rock, she sits up, again crossing her legs:… then she spends a few minutes doing deep yoga stretches.

Reaching into her bag she pulls out a chysalise shape, rainbow pattern wood cannabis bowl, small scissors, and a bag of cannabis flowers:;.. sour pollen smelling:;.. very mellowing transient effect;.. she very carefully clips off enough for a few good puffs. A flick of the lighter and a quick pass over the buds

Rummaging in her pack again, pulls out a 64 pack of crayons, a clip board, and a sheet of pale yellow paper; then stretches out on her stomach propped on her elbows: then begins drawing: letting the magic of the message and emotion flow from her heart and soul through her hands and fingers;[ - dips and dashes of swirls and twirls:... zigzagging circles dancing and clashing in loops and scoops:... vining

Dashes and flashing looking marks:[ quivering curvy lines:[ zigzagging circles of pedaled meadows:[... loops & twirls that swing & vine their abstractees magically melting in with the river swimming into a beautiful fusion of valley flowering trees buzzing and humming with glistening butterflies & bees fluttering over a scoop of honey under the mountains mighty in blue lightly cloudy skies;... the time slips vibrantly. An hour has passed. She feels like a monarch rainbow dipping into a misty meadow;[... it's a so very alive feeling

Spring 2020

~Quiet the Wilder
started this a few years ago but it got stalled, hopefully someday soon the emotion will flow again to finish it

Vibes in Wilds Shrine

She’s sitting cross-legged on a large smoothly rounded boulder, in a deep meditation trance, yet very aware of the soundlings around her; the ice cold crystal clear glistening river gently, smoothly, flowing through the boulders and rocks around her. Her hair is a dark but shiny ruby red, in long double braids running behind her ears to mid spine; they clash glamorously with the bright summer butterflies: the flashing dragonfly wings: the clappering grasshoppers and crickets; here and there she senses a trout snipping the surface.

She's in unison communication with the very fabric of universal energies:.. listening:.. seeing:;.. feeling:;.. the emotional energic of the land. Images and emotions pass through her third sight: it is a magical feeling as some of the painted wings seem to dance their radiant flight around her sacred spot:... stillness in fluid currents of a space in momentous time:... she suddenly, steadily,.. gently.. releasing.. comes out of the trance;... her flying friends just as suddenly return to feeding on random flowers and green grasses.

She takes off her shirt, puts on her shades, lays back, fingers interlinked behind her head, straightens her legs, one crossed over the other, feeling the UV rays of the bright warm sun energizing her body.

She hears a soft grunt and something brushing against a tree or shrub in the distance; turning her head she sees a moose munching on a shrub a couple dozen yards away; a light yet big grin forms on her face:... watching it feed on shrubs and grass and flowers and drinking in the river for a ten minutes,.. maybe longer.

This is a very special place where very few people know to venture, or even bother to: it's quite the ways out, then around a few concealed corners.

A few long minutes pass... the hot sun comfortably baking her half naked body... she's very consciously aware of slipping moments of time. ...She reverses her legs.
temper tantrum

A sorta sequel to “the arse in 9”

There was one day the same boss (‘lead’) put on a wonderful display of a 5 or 6 yo boy putting on a temper tantrum. First the auto grinder had an issue, then apparently no one was working the door lift further down the line stacking doors:; he stomps his feet, yells some profanity about why nothing is happening right, yanks his cap off and flings it around (I actually found it hard not to laugh).

There was another time, he had already yelled at me at least 3 times for things I had little to no control over, and I had already decided if he pointed his finger at me one more time - I was the first person he would start yelling at when something went wrong on my end of the line - I was gonna go off on him and cuss him out; and I figured it was going to happen eventually;.. the auto-grinder had a malfunction and he turns towards me and starts sayin’ something and I YELLED, “I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT BLANKETY BLANKING THING WORKS, YOU GONNA YELL AT ME EVERY TIME SOMETHIN’ GOES WRONG DOWN HERE, I’M PAYIN’ ATTENTION TO THIS S*** (my own work station)”… he looked away further down the line and never yelled at me again.
He got a big! lesson that time in ‘it doesn’t feel good to be yelled at when we’re doing the best we can’.
I think that is all for ‘the rest’ of that story, thank you for reading.


~ Quiet the Wilder
this is one of the first poems I published here at writing.com on my original account. just wanted to share it again... enjoy!

Warriors of the Wind

“whisper” says the wind
as it blows through the hills and trees
the sound is beautiful and divine
it shows me the doorway where I can begin
"lo", it does call to me
it bids me to drift with it
along its passages of canyons and valleys of time
it rolls and flows in fluidic melodies
as it crashes and tumbles
over the rapids and falls
the boulders of ice

an echo I hear
a voice off the canyon wall
it howls with delight
a roar like thunder

a ‘yote yips at the distant moonlight
a howl with the wolf pack
the warriors of the land
a roar of a mighty bear
standing its ground
it does not retreat
always moving forward, to see what's out there

the sound of the wind in the mountains and trees
it's beautiful, its divine
"LO!" it calls to me!
a bidding whisper to blow with it
an escape from the prison of time

an echo I hear
it repeats over and over and over
giving courage to walk the path
"go without fear
you will see the golden shore
don't look back
always stepping forward"

"WARRIOR!" says the wind!
"you are strong, you are mighty!
hold your head high with confidence
your humility shines
you've pushed through hard times
it's ok to have pride"

the wind speaks at a fork in the road
"do not be led astray
follow your instinct, trust your faith
LEAP! go on intuition, and you will know
the rest will fall into place"

In loving memory of my Uncle Robert 'Zim' Zimmerman
he was a warrior in life! ... and still a warrior in spirit!

There was yet another time he came down to my workstation and yelled at me for going too slow. A good level-headed leader would have come down and investigated the situation and then gotten someone to help me keep the line moving faster ... you know, teamwork! …oh and BTW I yelled right back at him: I really genuinely was doing the best I could!

I would call bellowing and roaring the same thing except, I think roaring has a bit of growliness to it … do you reckon? — just a sort of afterthought.


~ Quiet the Wilder
the arse in 9

According to the supervisor I had at the time (who was very mentally sick [by my terms and perspective]), putting the wrong part in a door when the line was getting really backed up, was an asinine move, as he told me after the buzzer rang for break.
Now let's back up 8-10 minutes. The line is getting backed up and said Lead [supervisor (who doesn’t like me)] is standing there twiddling his thumbs over his smartphone the whole time, not doing anything to help keep the line moving. A door comes along for me and I’m not sure if the ‘end channel’ is the right one for it (it was built wrong), and I admit I was at fault for welding it when I suspected it wasn’t right.
Now moving ahead to after the break buzzer goes off. He goes over to hardware, where the door with the wrong end channel is now located. I think he went over to see if there was anything he could do while the rest of us are on break. He sees that it’s the wrong end channel for the door and then comes around to my station. I can’t remember the first thing he said but the rest is crystal clear, - “doing this when we are this backed up, this is just asinine!!” He said darkly to me.
This same ‘Lead’ yelled at me another time when I had grabbed the right parts but didn’t move the rack closer to the machine [I was getting backed up]: and yet another time on another line when my spot welding machine quit working, “I LEAVE FOR 5 SECONDS AND YOU GOT AN ERROR.” The control panel was reading ‘error’: it had just been malfunctioning for a minute or two when sick angry Lead was playing with it to get it working, and it did for about 6 or 7 seconds and the Lead was walking around the corner leaving, and I called him back and he looked at the panel for a couple of seconds before turning and bellowing/roaring at me, and I looked at him and said quite calmly back, “I can’t control what happens in there.” He didn’t say anything else, just called the maintenance people, who showed up about 3 long minutes later.
This incident and another similar involving a coworker were both reported at a meeting with higher-level management. I’m pretty certain nothing was done about it: I don’t believe they even talked to him about any of it. I would have written him up at the bare minimum.

So … asinine?

(to be continued)
pituitary slumber
hypothalamus hybernation
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