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🎂🍰Happy WDC-aversary🍰🎂
happy anniversary
Have a possible interactive idea that I can't creat myself, but hoping someone else will. A Friends interactive, Friends Adult Babies, inspired by some of the interactives of Themaster223. Rachel, Phoebe, and others go back into diapers, why is up to you. Rules. No gore, death, drugs or things of that sort. Rating wise, I'd go with 13 plus, should anyone be interested.
i am interested in it mate
What do you mean talk like a baby or a genius baby in the loud house interactive story
Seems to have been fixed, turns out it was some kind of delay with the email system, according to the reply I got from the tech guys.
Ive asked the tech support people to see if the email alert system may be acting up, since I haven't gotten any emails from anyone lately for the past few hours, even though some stories I've subscribed to have been updated.
For some reason, I can't type any of the choices I should be able to type for any chapter when using Google Chrome. Something's wrong with it obviously. I'd like to find out what it is and have it fixed.
For some reason, my new browser, Firefox has a bug or something that's not letting me add anything to chapters on here.
I've liked your stories for a long time; your current ones are coming along nicely, but I don't get why you got rid of your earlier stories (i.e., you had another Victorious story up a couple months ago, but you deleted it and now you have another one up)?
I'm a big fan of your work and want you to do some constructive critiziem on my recent Age Regression Interactive: A lluF-rednoW noitacaV, and encourage others to add to it?
If I knew what it stands for, I'd check it out. Do you have a porfolio of your own I can browse?
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