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Good morning, all. I'll be out of touch over the next two weeks traveling. I expect my Internet availability to be weak, if I have any at all.

I'm sure I'll have a lot to catch up on. I'll miss this place!
I will miss crediting your fantastic reviews. Have fun! We'll be here when you return. *Heartb*
Have a great time on your trip!
See you on the other side!
Congratulations to Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 for winning the June 2024 round of "WDC L'il Helper Contest with his entry "Technical Report: Word Macros/Reviewing.

And don't forget the July round. The prompt is THE COMMUNITY  
Awesome Excitement
*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Congratulations, Max! *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
What's the opposite of a croissant?

A happy uncle. *Rolleyes*

Are ya ready for the weekend?
Uhhhhh... Whyyyy?
Elycia Lee ☮ - It's a pun on 'cross aunt'.
Yeah, I know ... *Rolleyes*
July 2, 2024

The 184th day of 2024 with 182 days remaining. Here we are on the downward slide of the final year in the first quarter of the 21st Century. Technically that slide occurred some hours ago, but you get my drift.

Like the song says:

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future.

C'mon, you sang that line, didn't you? For the young ones who don't know the song (or old ones who can't remember):    Song
Man, I haven't listened to the Steve Miller Band in ages!
buddhangela's trying it all on - Yeah, I'm sorry about that. That's another thing my wife dislikes--humming a tune as we get ready for bed. *Rolleyes*
JACE - Sightseeing - Another thing my spouse dislikes is me sharing my earworm by singing just the parts I remember, over and over, thereby sharing the joy. *Bigsmile* I think I'll pull it up so it's playing when she gets home from work today. *Rolling*
The July prompt is posted:

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE - Sightseeing


If you have questions about the contest or prompt, please get with me before 12 July. I'll be traveling from 12-24 July, and may not have internet capabilities. I will check in as often as I'm able.
What happens if you pour root beer into a square glass?


Think about that one as you enjoy your Happy FRIDAY dance!!!!

Robert Waltz - Who measures broccoli? We chop them up, grab a handful and that's your cup. *Laugh* If you wanna bigger cup, grab two handfuls. *Wink* Take it from the girl who is simply awful at math.
Elycia Lee ☮ - I'm an engineer. I need precision, accuracy, and a complete lack of ambiguity.

Unless it's funny.
Robert Waltz - Oh look! I screwed up my math again! "Note: Hey, peeps, [Link To User purplesunday] nee..." Can I ever be normal again? If I take this to my workplace, I'll get fired on my first day at work.
There must be a few of you die-hard Reviewers who have Rating and Reviewing tips to pass along to the rest of us.

You only have seven days left to enter this month's round.

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE - Sightseeing

A takeoff on my Newsletter quip earlier this month, but does it seem that June is dragging on?

Still have one-third of the month to go.

But then, perhaps slow is not a bad thing for older folk. Ahhh....
I'm not in a hurry for a month to end, because the bills come due on the 1st. My bank notified me that I had insufficient funds. How could that be? I still had checks left. *Bigsmile*

Bikerider - I know you're kidding. But when I was a young Platoon Leader, my privates would seriously use that same excuse to explain writing bad checks. It was one of those life skills they were never taught. I wonder if young folks today fare any better.
JACE - Sightseeing - With this economy, I'll bet it's not only young folks who have to write bad checks.
We're already approaching the mid-point of June. Where does the time go?

Don't forget to enter your How-To articles in:

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE - Sightseeing

This month's prompt is a topic near and dear to many:

I hope to get some tips myself from your inventive and inquisitive natures.
What is the oldest (last modified date) item you have in your My Favorites list?

I know you'll have to dig a little, but I'm curious.

My oldest Static Item is 23 years, and my oldest Forum is 14 years.

Angels Among Us  (E)
Poetry only contest to celebrate 10th anniversary of WdC Angel Army Group
#2071963 by ~Minja~

Soundtracks of Our Lives  (E)
Sharing the music that makes us original...
#2144947 by Lyn's a Witchy Woman

Truth or Dare Fundraiser  (13+)
Challenge other authors and help raise funds for a Merit Badge or two!
#2076498 by Kit

ruwth - Yeah, I might have worded it differently. But I did say "oldest". I should have stated "Oldest--as identified by the Modified date".
I don't know about the rest of you WDC Newsletter editors, but it seems like my monthly Noticing Newsletter is coming around every two weeks. *ShocK*

I have two monthly newsletter assignments and I go back and forth on whether them being on different weeks is good or bad. On the one hand, one newsletter per week is a pretty light lift. But getting that email notification of a newsletter deadline during two out of four weeks a month definitely gives me moments of, "OMG I just did one!" *Laugh*
I have my usual which I enjoy that is Romance/Love. And I've been on that NL for such a long time, I have to find new ways to present the same themes. I usually try to recycle themes every 2 to 3 years. Again, can be a challenge. But I'm a sucker for a good romance. I have been trying to pick up an extra NL this year - usually it's Action/Adventure. But I do find, especially with my busy life outside of WDC, that somtimes it's hard to keep up with my one NL I am a constant for.
Jeff - Indeed. While I need the reminder, I know what you mean by getting it. *RollEyes*
Last night on the Evening News, they did a piece highlighting the 80th Anniversary of D-Day speaking with a few of the soldiers who were there for the invasion. Now in their 90's and 100's, they were so young to have had to participate in something so terrible and devastating.

And yet here we are 80 years later, humanity in general having learned nothing!

Echoing the sentiments of Memorial Day, thank you so much to all who have served and are continuing to serve. My heart and prayers go out to your all.
I watched a similar coverage and had similar thoughts. All I can say is that hindsight is 20/20.
Yes same watching it in UK *Sad*
80 years later, and humanity in general has learned nothing. Amen to that! Will we ever learn?
Just Curious ....

How many of you have been thumbing through a magazine, come across a picture you wish to see clearer ... and start tapping on it to expand it?
No, but I have tried to swipe or expand images on my computer screen with my fingers. I was even confused momentarily about why it wasn't working. *Bigsmile*
I've never done that, but next time I'm at my doctor's office I'll give it a try. If that doesn't work, I'll do what a lot of people seem to do: I'll just quietly tear out the page and bring it home where I keep my stronger glasses. *Smirk2*
Yes! I hate to admit it but I do that occasionally... actually, more often than I should. *Rolling*

Slightly off topic:
Even crazier than that, after a cataract surgery, I saw double halos around parking lot lights at night, at the clubhouse while my eyes were still dilated. It was so beautiful, I grabbed my phone to snap a photo so others could experience what I saw. *Laugh*

Another June contest:

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE - Sightseeing

June's Prompt:


I know there are a lot of reviewers out there. Here's your chance to submit all your reviewing tips and techniques.

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE - Sightseeing

I know, I know--I'm harping ....

But it's the last day to enter for the May prompt: READING  

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