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Fellow scifi lovin' folks, check this out!

Thought to share something different this time. I was bold enough to re-watch a 3h long behind-the-scenes video the other day of Aliens (1986). Which naturally meant that I had to come up with something as a tribute. Well . . . this is what I've come up with: my fan made re-cut of the original trailer/teaser. Enjoy!

Hi there!

I've just entered the Short Shots, WDC Contest for December 2019, with the short story below. It is reminiscent that of my last one, I wrote about a year ago, where I decided to write a story, completely written in 1st POV. Still, I found it tremendously difficult to pull off!

Gentle breeze in the storm  (E)
WDC Photograph Prompt for December 2019. And a portrayal of life and emotions; 1st POV.
#2208206 by Marcell Áron Erdei
I think it's awesome that you stretched yourself! Great work! I wrote my NaNo (AKA NaNoWriMo AKA National Novel Writing Month) project in 1st person and present tense, which I found harder than the 1st person. But it's interesting and probably good for us to do such things sometimes. Congratulations and good luck!
Thank you Schnujo, you're way-too-kind! :) And yes, writing in 1st person, present is really something else. It forces you to move those rusty gears inside your head; that's for sure! Plus it's somewhat refreshing to just write the things you see, and not worry about the rest; which encourages you to be more creative with your craft--at least I'd like to think.
Thinking of entering the Short Shots: Official WDC Contest with a story currently titled The Observer.
I say, "DO IT!" *Bigsmile* I mean, what have you got to lose? *Bigsmile*
A couple of days ago, I spent the morning writing this short story; which encompasses a lifetime of experience. It is written in the style of how I'd tell a fantasy story, from my heart.

 Words of Whisper  (E)
A short story of one's lifetime . . .
#2203840 by Marcell Áron Erdei
So I did what I can do best . . . and grabbed a pen & paper.

A conversation.

Pure dialogue, with 587 words (two pages). It's a short, but emotional read. Go check it out

 A Conversation  (E)
Pure dialogue, with 587 words (two pages). It's a short, but emotional read.
#2196758 by Marcell Áron Erdei
Been away for a while, but I just wrote this script, and thought to share it with you. And because it's in PDF, I couldn't upload it here. #LazyToEdit

EOTH Intro Concept  

It's written for a video game project*, I've been working on for a while. Wish to see this come to life one day!

(* an arpg)
Looking for some advice WDC:

Does anyone know where/to whom can a dyslexic/autistic person pitch their realistic/mature, life inspired sci-fi story? Been trying all over the place, but got no measurable response. The story is harsh, edgy, sweet and tender, and hidden disability plays a huge role in it.

just wanted to thank whomever sent me a membership as a gift. :) Someone out there is really generous, in some ways more than what we should deserve . . . Thank you again!

Take care.
Hi there,

Been working on this for quite some time . . .

 Everyday's Authority  (E)
What could go wrong, when you're having a lovely time, at your local store . . .
#2181668 by Marcell Áron Erdei

Thought to share!

Had the urge to write this one:

What if I say No, when life wants me otherwise,
What if I say Yes, when it best kept to myself,
What if I climb the ladder and fall by doing so,
What if there's nothing left to say, but also all of it,
What if this is just a dream, a cosy place
Where I live, to hide all week.
I certainly understand those urges. If this is in your port I'll give you a review.
Hi there,

A couple of months ago, I took part in a poetry contest. Had two weeks to write this "little" poem. Had some fun writing it!

Hidden in a forest, far away, a little rabbit has its ways.
by Marcell Áron Erdei

Phew. Overhaul of my tiny fantasy is complete. Twelf Kingdoms is back on the list.

 Twelf Kingdoms  (E)
Where no men crosses, strange things happen. Animals speak, trees sing and birds talk.
#2142346 by Marcell Áron Erdei

However, the problem is that I started to crave my other "major" projects—months of absence. Judging by the fact that how long this took, I'm having second thoughts of playing with these smaller writing prompts. AIN'T GOT ENOUGH TIME—can someone tell me where to buy more? THX. Nevertheless seems that it's about time—for me—to dwell into my never ending and impossible projects. Yay! :)

ps. forgot to make it public... ups
Was watching a pod/live-cast when they talked about Black Mirror. Think that gave me th