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Hi! My account is 20 today. Wait a minute, that can't be right... *Yikes*
Wow! Congratulations!

You are owed a boat load of merit badges.

Go to your own Community tab.

Go to your merit badge area.

Once there, you will see, right below your name, three options: given, received, accomplishment.

Click on accomplishment and watch the badges pour in.

Let me know in a reply here after you did that and I will send you a super exclusive badge.
This note even has a link for you to click on to make it easier to collect your badges.

"Note: Have you claimed your [Image #697791] ? ?..."
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Memories of New Years Eve, 2002  (13+)
Being inebriated on New Year's Eve means more than it should to an alcoholic's daughter.
. Composed YEARS ago, I just read through and did a little fine-tuning. Still one of my best pieces I've ever written, IMO, and I've written a lot of junk. I'm only able to write well if I'm being brutally, painfully honest, it seems.
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