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Hi Toucan I know your super busy. Are you still wanting to finish this campfire story? It’s fine if you don’t want to just let me know. Cheers Sue
Sorry Sue! I will publish my campfire part soon. Layla is in for quite a surprise!
Hey guys! Sorry for being gone so long but I stayed a little longer than I thought I would. I made a pumpkin pie and a cherry pie that tasted absolutely delicious! I’m sorry for missing some announcements and will dive back into activities soon.
I’m gonna have to leave you all for some time when I’m in Tennessee. 😢😭 I will be back soon and will miss you too! Have a great week.
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Hope its a fun trip!
hi there Toucan, we need to get Layla back to earth one day😱
You graduated Nav Class. Yay!
** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only ** Congrats on graduating the Nav Class, Toucan! *BalloonB*

You're original artwork Rockin' sig is fabulous! One of my favorites I've see in ten years! *Thumbsup*
HI! I am Toucan, and I will enjoy interacting with this website. Please feel free to read and review! *BookOpen* *Writing*
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Welcome to WDC! *Smile*
Welcome to Fantasy and science fiction society.
*Balloonr*Welcome to WDC! I enjoyed your TRUE story.

If you like fantasy you might like "Fantasy and Science Fiction Society! *Fairy3*

Write on and thanks for reviewing at WDC!

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
Just to let you all know, my main story will be Skeletons Rising but True will be my other free time story. I will do my best to update either every Wednesday or when I have time. Thanks for reading! :3
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