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Happy 4th WDC Anniversary!
I can't write. There's nothing in me. I am blank.
That happens to me too... I just get up and walk away. I think sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves to write. I try to get away from it and occupy my mind with something else. Try to fit in some "me" time... anything to relax.
Try some contest prompts.

But, I know that even when there's something to write about, it just won't come. I hope you feel better and get something on paper.
You could even write a story about not being able to write. If nothing is in you, try to explore that. Maybe take a friend of yours and write a dialogue of you trying to explain it to her/him. Maybe from there a story will spark!
Recovering from surgery...will be back soon!
I pray everything goes well!!
happy healing!...surgery sux!
I won a Merit Badge for winning second place in "Newbies ONLY Short Story & Poem Contest"! Woo hoo! So excited and quite surprised, really. Thank you to the judges for thinking that little story had any merit!
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
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Something I wrote in 2009.
I just found out I received a merit badge from Elle; thank you so much!!!
You got our Roots and Wings MB for your initial entry into our "Roots & Wings Contest CONTEST/CLOSED. But, don't forget to mention that your entry "Invalid Item won an honorable mention too. Nicely done!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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I need some help punctuating the last line. For the life of me, can't seem to get it right in my own head. HELP! *Smile*
"I peek up from my vantage point on the floor at the many shoppers, who have now gathered around to stare at the crazy lady mumbling incoherently in the candy aisle."

The 'at the many shoppers' needs to be beside the predicate... AND the "who have..." has to be beside "shoppers". so I would recommend this slight rewrite...

"From my vantage point on the floor, I peek at the many shoppers who now have gathered around to stare at the crazy lady mumbling incoherently in the candy aisle."

Technically, you do not need any more commas. A comma after "lady" would add confusion, and the comma before "who" you can add if you want it there. I also cut the "up" because you probably wouldn't be looking down from the floor. *Smile*

By the way... I think a "vantage" point is usually high because it provides a good view. Unless the view from the floor is a good view, I would change the word. *Wink*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
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Just a fun, little item I blogged about on another site.
Have been down with a nasty cold. Can't seem to bring myself to write or review anything right now. Will be babying myself and downing the chicken soup until I feel up to getting back on here. Loved the killer runaway key, though. Cracked me up! lol
I hope that you feel better soon!!!
Thank you, Shana-Batgirl-Allen! I can't stay away too long, though. Here I am writing my goals for the week and getting motivated all over again! A writer writes, right? lol
I just returned from hearing a Holocaust survivor speak of her experiences. Got a hug and a book signed by Dora Eiger Zaidenweber (translator) of "Sky Tinged Red". Awesome experience!
I would really love to do some more reviewing, but to be fair to the authors, I probably should wait until morning! It's been so much fun to be on this site once again today! My new obsession. Oh, and I invited a friend from Australia...hope she decides to check it out!
Warm Fuzzy Small Bob the Warm Fuzzy approves. Join us fellow addicts.

Psssst I'm at work right now, sneaking on this site, shhhhh! *Smile*