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Hey Vandana!

Can you do a review on my very first piece of writing at my portfolio? The link to the piece is [[https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2162960-Berry]]

Thank you!
Plan for a pilgrimage had to be changed due to bad weather conditions. Hope I could do it at the earliest with my family.
Are you in Mumbai?
I am a Keralite.Reached Vidarbha region yesterday.Where are you in Mumbai?
Welcome to the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group.
*Starw* Happy Writing and Reviewing! *Starw*
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Thank you.
HI Vandana! Guess you are from India. So's me. I am Shilpi. Welcome to the Wdc and to our Super Power Review Group.
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Yes.I am.Thanks to hear from you.
Hello Vandana. Welcome to WDC and the superpower reviewers.
I am still confused as how to enter into a context. I joined the blog to start my amateur writing skills. But don't know how to carry on. Just expects someone would help me.
I am assuming you mean adding what you wrote into a contest forum.

Most require a bitem format. {bitem:#####} It looks just like you see it. the {}'s, the bitem, the : and then your item number replaces the #'s. Every static item, such as story, poem, etc, has a id number (photos etc also just a number but tags are posted differently)

So for example your item: "Stopping by has a id number of 2161026 which is visible in the URL and under the title. In bitem it would look like:

 Stopping by  (E)
A short poem
#2161026 by Vandana

A guide to the linking methods can be found: "Writing.Com 101

More help can be located "Non-Technical Support Forum and "Writing.Com General Discussion
Contest? You write something, create an 'item', just as you have already done. Click on the 'Community' tab on the left of the screen. There you will find lists of contests. Click and see which one you like. Read the rules, the deadline and the prompt to follow. Create an item, then post it in the message thread. Choose 'Post new message', give a heading either as 'Entry' or follow if there is any instruction for the heading. then in the body of the text put the number of your item as
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
# by Not Available.
. check preview. if it looks like this, then click submit. If it is done correctly, you will be able to see it. Hope this helps.
*Balloonp* Welcome to WDC "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! I will be senidng a welcome email with some key points and if you have any questions, just shout out! *Star*

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