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*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
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Happy anniversary, Vincent. Glad to see your stories have not fallen to the cobwebs of history. Keep on writing
I seem to have fallen victim to the real world for a while, and haven't been able to get back to writing. I am in the process of changing that fact, and just reorganized my portfolio a bit to make it easier for those who actually want to read my Steampunk stories in their proper order, along with my latest entry. If you'd like to read it all, just go to my portfolio, and start with the top story. They are all numbered and in order. There are a few items in between chapters that are a part of the mix, and were written right there where they are listed in the order of the pieces. I invite everyone to comment, criticize, and/or suggest. Thank you to my loyal readers for your kind comments in the past, and I hope you enjoy the newest entry "Invalid Item .
Sorry, I just had to say it...couldn't help myself, but "Invalid Entry
Well, I guess no more blogging for me...can't post. Oh well, whatever. It was fixing to degenerate into a lot of disbelief and disgust anyway...LOL.
Well, just had to make a new entry to the blog with ""Invalid Entry ". Here's hoping someone understands what I mean.
A new entry to the blog: "Invalid Entry
Okay, a little food for thought about "Invalid Entry
New Blog entry, for anyone who cares: "Invalid Entry
On this first post-election day, I'm a little pensive. Let me share why with "Invalid Entry
Soooo sick recently, but on the mend. Finally added to my blog..."Invalid Entry .

I hope ALL Americans realize how important it is to vote in our nation. Please read, and I hope the haters can still understand that we're all in this together in the end.
I've added a new entry to my blog, "Invalid Item:
         "Invalid Entry It's a sad day when men I served with are asking me where we can go if we decide to leave.
New Blog entry, "Invalid Entry that just kind of depressed me. I think I'm ready to just quit getting involved in politics at all.