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I've added a new entry to my book, "Found Poetry:
         "There. (2-16-2019)
Pre-release version. Will be out this summer. Comments welcome!
A Charleston Christmas Miracle  (13+)
A novella to go with the Dancers & Lighthouses series. Charleston, SC.
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I've added a new entry to my book, "Rolling Onward: Blog #3:
         "Story and Truth
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I've finally added a new entry to "Rolling Onward: Blog #3:
Wondering how much more I would accomplish if not for illness and migraines... #endofwhine
I completely hear you on that. I have a migraine everyday. I would love to know what I could accomplish without them.
J.L.G I'm so sorry to hear that. I luckily don't have them every day, but far too close to that. How about a cure, someone scientifically smart???
I'm on a recapture the joy and imagery quest: a new blog entry "Rolling Onward: Blog #3:
         "Early results of imagery makeover...
Yes, I actually blogged: "Rolling Onward: Blog #3:
         "Coincidental Fiction
Brand new release! Only here at the moment, but it will spread... https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/623298
I didn't see you listed on this page:


Contact Joy with your book links *Smile*
Thank you {suser:novacatmando)! I hadn't seen this item. Great to see such a nice compilation of WDC published authors!
They say if you can quit writing, you should. If you think, a bit too obsessively, about quitting and you can't ... I guess you just keep going.