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The Climb  (ASR)
A flash piece about a couple discussing some infidelities...

I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Dialogue 500  (18+)
Dialogues of 500 words or less.
Mai is my favorite month because it is the easiest to spell. Wait, wait, wait . . . . M-A-Y. Yeah, that's it. I spell gud.

And yes, May is my favorite month. *HeartO*
May, the force....
And to carry the linguistic laughter just a bit further...

Gift (Deutsch) = poison
Gift (Noreg) = married

Some folks may say those two words are more closely related than one might otherwise suspect.
What do people do with scratch paper these days? I mean it's kind of obsolete. I guess you could keep it around if you were wanting a good scratch or something.

I have pads of sheets I've salvaged so there's always note pads near every phone, table, desk, or place I sit.
What can you do with an empty mayonnaise jar?

I could put my change in it, except I don't keep change. (I throw it away. Who wants a bunch of jingle-jangle in their pocket when paper money makes absolutely no noise? Why do they even have that stuff?)
LOL give Canada a call. We like coins so much, we keep making bigger ones.

Of course, we did try to even the coin universe out and dumped the penny.
you throw it away? Send it my way! We went to Hawaii on saved change!! lol

Unlike Dr.Frankenstein's Laboratory--

I love empty containers. I have put buttons,leftover canned milk, loose small nails or picture hanging items, nuts crackers, noodles, and rice.

But not all in one jar.
I think one of my ears is lower than the other. Or I guess I could say, one of my ears is higher than the other. It's like the glass half full or half empty scenario.
Yep. When you wear glasses, you really notice it. And. My left leg is about 1/4" longer than the right. Made it real hard to march in formation in a straight line. Left foot is size 10. Right foot is size 9 1/2.

Ain't evolution wonderful. I'm sure there must be a comparative advantage here somewhere.

Or maybe your head is just tilted?
W. D. Wilcox
Ah, so you got a new haircut? Lol
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W.D’s Advice For Forlorn Lovers  (13+)
Need help with your love life? You've come to the right place.

So when it gets hot in the house, me and my Buddy just crank-up the AC in the car.

Have my window open in my place. I have a fan but not that hot in here. It gets below freezing some nights or I'd just leave the window open. *Smile*
AC is life in summers!
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Through the Cracks  (18+)
A tale of unknown worlds between the cracks