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Happy anniversary
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Happy birthday
see above.

Happy 6th!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
*Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV* *Giftp* *Giftt* *GiftV*
Happy Anniversary!
I think this is my first time ever posting on the newsfeed but I had to thank the awesomely generous anonymous folk for all the GPs today.

So . . . thanks!

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Dude! (I assume you are a guy, otherwise, DUDETTE!) You've been here nearly 6 years! *Shock2* *Laugh* HOW have you never posted in your Notebook or on the Newsfeed?!? *Rolling* Well, it's great to see you up here on the surface. *Rolling*

I assume you sometimes LOOK at the Newsfeed, right? Have you ever seen the Community Newsfeed? *Bigsmile* Click Newsfeed. Then along the top-ish part, you'll see View the Community Newsfeed. Click that. Then you'll see what EVERYONE is up to! *Delight* Scroll. Like. Comment. Make new friends...and maybe find some new activities you'll love. *Bigsmile*

Welcome to the other side of WdC! *Rolling*
Thank you for the cool trinket! Vey cool artwork!
Have an awesome day!
Happy birthday 🥳
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for the trinket!
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