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Happy 15th Anniversary!!!
*Balloonb*Happy Birthday K. Ray *Cake* *Smile*
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Osteogenesis Vegas Experience  (E)
Several scenes: a girl with OI visits Vegas, loses big, pawns a ring, and gets a tattoo.
- An addition to my Osteogenesis story.
I made changes to an item that was unready for review. Now I would welcome it:
 Josh Anderson  (E)
Josh Anderson
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Strawberry Smiles  (E)
National Poetry Month contribution -- a girl and her ice cream
-- National Poetry Month contribution
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Personification of Mannequins  (ASR)
Three mannequins tackle the issues of gender.

Thanks to the reviewer Mia - in Autumn Rains who suggested end-notes.
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