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Review of Date Night  
Review by VerbotenWork
Rated: E | (3.0)
No disrespect... but I kinda facepalmed at the whole things lmao.
At the same time, I really liked it 'cause it was like some couple got drunk and said some kink stuff (daddy or princess one, not really "kink"... but it escalated quick).
Anyway, I knew you were not trying to do write it seriously (it's just an wish-fulfillment), but what I saw was not that "good" kind of story. So it were hard to rate it high (being unbiased was my thing)... or I should have not rated it from the start haha... Enjoyed this short read though
Review by VerbotenWork
Rated: 18+ | (4.0)
Lmao, I did review of your work in the wrong place, and let me get into my earlier details:
- It was a good read, flow-wise story, wonderful skill and researchful dedication.
- The chemistry between the characters definitely were the strong point of the work, especially Marc and Seto went back and forth with their view of Joan or poor Roland got roasted... The conversation of Joan and Mokuba was honestly wholesome
- Somehow, the comedy stopped at being clever for me or good chuckle... maybe it was not my type of comedy when it got too "clean" (maybe your problem with "swear" or more "vulgar things"(not sth beyond the pleasure though))
=> I really enjoyed your work and hope you keep up your good writings :D

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