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Review of Fundamentalist  
Review by Aur Dawn
Rated: ASR | (4.5)
"Fundamentalism references any form of belief that mandates a strict obedience to a particular set of beliefs."

More often than not, we hear anything along the lines of:art is the most beautiful form of human expression. Opening our hearts and minds to art helps us reveal new depths inside our, but also the souls of other people.

When you create art, your mind is running wild as the winds, newly-found self recognition pulls you in like a magnet, and as you progress further as an artist of any form, you get to know the deepest fears and successes of human kind. One of the artists' sub-conscious missions is to bring a problem into light, then offer a solution to that problem, if there is one. If there isn't, they have to state why, and more importantly, convince us that the fight was worth it even without a satisfying end.

So, why would anyone want to degrade those who are already underappreciated by the capitalist system which preaches that, unless your success can be counted in money value, it's not really a success?

Artist are the system's enemies. They're conscious of all the truths untold, their weapons (in this case, words) are dangerous against those who control masse. They're not followers, but not leaders either. The power they crave is not the one we see on TV and The News under political news section. They believe the power can and should be shared, for the well-being of everyone, and not only the selected few. With every word, every movement of a brush or on the scene, they're threatening to pull down the curtains and reveal just how corrupted the society can be, all because the power was given to a handful of people.

This piece captures a point of view of someone who curses at an artist in an almost desperate attempt to hold back the flood they're aware the artist is preparing. Constantly criticizing, throwing sticks and stones, they're attacking what's dearest to their heart: the truth they believe in and the truth they wish to share.

"You might as well be Mozart", said the fundamentalist, "I'm still going to sabotage you."

It's not that they're so closed off that no art can reach them, it's just that in order to keep the power they have now, they need to get rid of all threats, even the ones that seem harmless.

So, artists, share your truths. When they shout, scream. Scream your words into the winds, and the winds will bring them to the right people. Don't listen to the critics of those who are only ready to tell you what's wrong with your art; listen to those who, with their critics, encourage you to become a better artist, and not those who desire to drag you down.

I really enjoyed reading and analyzing this poem, the realism and darkness of it is fascinating!

*Gold* My review has been submitted for consideration in "Good Deeds Get CASH!.
Review of Gag  
Review by Aur Dawn
Rated: ASR | (5.0)
Dear tauqeewrites,

Your poem has left me with a feeling I can't quite communicate. It is a dark, eerie-sounding story of a person going almost beyond insane - that's, at least, my take on.

While I'm not particularly of knowledge needed to talk about construction, I would like to offer my insight on the atmosphere and message of the poem!

Something inside my head
Makes love to my contempt
My empathy is dead
No remorse to repent

Right off the bat, we get an impression of someone who (for a lack of better of words) is not in their right mind. Through evolution, humans have used reading others' feelings to reassess an unfamiliar territory and possible dangers it holds. Empathy is an emotion, or rather ability to relate to others' emotions. So having a protagonist who not only admits to having no empathy left, but they also feel no remorse, fills our head with questions and a desire to know what could possibly be their drive in life, and how the lack of aforementioned affects them. Personally, it's my favorite verse in the entire poem.

The world is what I dread
Survive just to attempt
Rules broken to be read
A characterless dent

Here we get a feeling that the anger might not be without a proper reason; they dread the feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle of automatic and fake emotions, forced to survive before anything else. So maybe, their lack of empathy is in it's own way a coping mechanism, a system built in order to survive, not only get by. Everyone else pretends to be compassionate, but our protagonist is refusing to go by the rule book.

Ruthless paths that I've tread
Taught silence to exempt
My love wasn't needed
To become violent

Not only was their path not easy, it was hell, and they walked it alone. Rage suppressed for a long time lingers through the poem, making us wonder what happens when they cross their boundaries, and their emotionlessness is no longer a shield, but a weapon.

Blood on my hands instead
The lust of what I tempt
Lifeless brevity has led
Humor in my intent

In yet another eerie verse, we get to know the horrors they'd done and how it's affected them. The person furious at the system has taken the matter into their own hands, which backfired almost immediately. No longer is the world that which needs saving, it's them.

Laughing at skin I'd shred
All my hopes to preempt
The tragedy I pled
A joke not worth a cent

This one I couldn't quite wrap my head around, mainly because English is my 2nd language, but by the atmosphere alone, the situation is beyond repair and all they're left with are reminders of the tragedy they are likely the cause of. A joke not worth a cent further implies just how past the limits they've gone.

Bleached the face I'd painted
My scars are nicely kempt
Heart brutally tainted
Funny without consent

What's done is done. There are no second chances, no time for regrets. The question is, is it worth living and knowing you could've done something differently? The scars may be hidden away, but they would remain a part of their identity for as long as they're alive. Was the pain worth it? Did they learn or gain anything from it, except for a void, dark abyss in their soul, endless yet with no space for light or empathy?

As I already mentioned, I got an impression of a story of dark, twisted mind and its downfall. There's a Gothic feel to it which very much reminds me of Heathcliff from "Wuthering Heights" and how he's become the most twisted character in classical literature.

Great job on expressing emotions many people tend to hide away (from)!

*Gold* My review has been submitted for consideration in "Good Deeds Get CASH!.
Review by Aur Dawn
Rated: E | (5.0)
Not only did this poem hit very close to home, it painfully reminds me of this couple in a trilogy I finished reading a while ago. My heart is still aching for those two, and this poem opened that wound even wider than before. Nevertheless, I adore this writing style, some may refer to it as purple prose, and while I'm not religious and can't get the poem from religious point of view, there is something about the concept of ethereal love that's meant to come true one way or another that sets aside all differences. Because, in the end, we are all made of stardust and love. Lovely piece of work!
Review by Aur Dawn
Rated: E | (4.5)
Now, while that certainly was a powerful statement, I'm still confused at whether or not she actually killed her husband of forty years. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read with just the right amount of description, emotion and realism within the text!
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