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Review of Dear Me... 2017  
Review by Itchybarn
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
First thoughts: Your font, bold bullet points, and intro, really drew me into the rest of the story!

What I liked: You talked to yourself as a different person so well! The details and humor you used really upped the letter too.

Problems I found: The only problem I found was very small and optional,"I want to congratulate you on your past year's accomplishments. <-- It would be cleaner to have a colon there. *Wink* Judging, running contests..." and the rest of it.

My favorite part: I really loved the line, "I know you get lazy, but one review per week, okay, month, won't hinder your future plans," it had that subtle type of comedy that I love!

Overall: This is my first ever review, and I may not have the best judgement on what's good or not, but I rate this entry a 9/10!

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