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Review by Hannie Angel
Rated: E | (5.0)
Once upon a time, there was a young boy that lived in Korea under less than convenient circumstances with his less than convenient mother. Every day, he was forced to stay in his mother's lavish home all alone with nobody but him and his apathetic housekeeper to not really keep him company while his mother was off acting, filming commercials, and overall just being too occupied with her fame to even properly send him to school. One day, a strange boy that always seemed to be smiling appeared, peeking his head over the wall of his back garden while he was writing under the shade of one of the trees in the large open space. Because of that, he and the strange boy always met on that high wall overlooking the quiet garden until they were older and they realized that the warm feelings they held for each other was love; sadly, the strange boy moved away and suddenly the son of the mother who never truly cared was left all alone once again as many more years passed him by. Until finally, the boy's mother actually did something that he really appreciated and got him into the world of performing arts and he was reunited with his long-lost childhood love through a new drama series in which they were meant to play archenemies that fell in love despite their differences. In the end, they both, in fact, played their own parts quite well and made it seem as though it was real. Or maybe it was because they weren't acting that they did so well?
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