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Praise god! May he continue to bless and keep you my brother! This (your intro piece) is honest, heartfelt and in all humility. You had your pride in check from the get go. God loves us sooooo much when we come in humility and not pride or boasting. Just as we love each other more when our defensive barriers are down and we love with purity. Agape..(unconditional love)
I've said for the longest time that I only allow the ones I love to hurt me. It's sad that society conditions us to be jaded and look out for number 1. Christ's message is the polar opposite. I applaud you for sticking your neck out there, not just for your critics on this site, but also making a serious attempt to not be complacent with just being a good father/husband, striving to go the extra mile for your loved ones. Know that you and your family are and will be blessed. Amen!
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