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Review of Abstract Harmony  
Review by Endy Noble
Rated: 18+ | (2.0)

Charlie & Cinn-Blue Team, I struggled hard to understand your poem, "The in-between love" but i was not able to.

That i can attribute to your choice of word from a distant world. Maybe, you were so inspired that you are far from the rest of us. But i see the flow of energy right from the heart.

Review of You  
Review by Endy Noble
Rated: 18+ | (3.0)
Dear purpleflame, although this piece is brief. It seems to carry a weighty means. Perhap someone in love who wouldn't want to let go even though rejected. The use of "They say let you go" obstructs a little. I suggest you take our "you" if that will not distort you meaning. Love isn't a bitch. Maybe you just love someone who isn't worth your love.
Good piece!

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Review of Just A Baby  
Review by Endy Noble
Rated: E | (3.5)
Ebony White, I love your poem "Just a baby". Babies look up to adults to learn. So I suggests "she looks up to" instead of "she looks at".

In lines 4 stanza 1, I prefer "she is innocent and naive"

In stanza 3, I prefer, "she knows no danger". It introduces more passion to the poem.

Finally, No connection in stanza 4; between "learning to laugh" and "New to thoughts".

See what i have done below. Maybe, you could like it.

Great concept and do remember the baby learns from you. Have a blast!

Just A Baby

She’s just a baby
Young to the world
Unaware of the ways of men
she is Innocent and naïve

She looks up to Mom, to show her who to be
She looks up to Dad, to teach her how to love
She looks up to family, to mold and shape her
She looks up to friends, to walk beside her

She knows no danger
She knows not the thoughts of others
She knows not the meaning of love
She knows falsehood of words

She’s just a baby
Learning to laugh,
Learning to think,
Unafraid and carefree

She looks to see that you’re still there
As she looks to the future
She looks to your eyes
Each tiny look, she memorizes
She looks to know you care
As she looks to life who isn’t fair

She trusts the false smiles
She trusts the longing gazes
She trusts the pretty words
She trusts too much

She clings to words of comfort
She clings to any hint of joy
She clings to childhood peace
She clings to what has passed

She’s just a baby
About to enter the world
Unaware of the danger
Unaware of the hurt

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Review by Endy Noble
Rated: E | (1.5)
Marty Kellie,your titled "Tomorrow will be interesting" actually fascinates me. I was curious to know what will happen tomorrow. However, I couldn't get that in your story.
I observed that you were not totally in control of your language and direction. So I could not understand the story much.
There seems to be inappropriate use of words and phrase or sentences.
For instance "It was unseasonable warm November" "I'd got the best equipment I could cage along with training video's, salves, creams, mineral supplements and hormones" and others.
"Today I felt calm and light and free" would flow better as "Today, i felt calm, light and free".

I couldn't do mush of in editing as i wanted to because i did get to understand your story that much.

A little work on it could make it come out better.
Thanks for write and sharing you experience.


When I couldn't ignore the discomfort anymore, I stood up. The pain was getting to me earlier each day. Limping to the bathroom I ran a hot tub, took some meds and waited for the relief to kick in.

My life now revolved around medication, therapy and training. Nothing would be allowed to get in the way of my plans. Now, feeling warm supple I went down to the basement gym. I'd got the best equipment I could cage along with training video's, salves, creams, mineral supplements and hormones. After working for an hour I stood there, chest heaving, dripping sweat. I knew that I was ready.

Sunday night I pushed the electric motorcycle behind a tree and set out. I pushed through the brush and cut the chain link fence. At the building I disconnected the power, broke the window and headed for the cash room. I'd had a spy cam on this room for awhile so I knew what I wanted. With two full bags I retraced my steps. As I jogged towards the bike, I heard a muffled thump. The bridge was out, I was safe. Steering through the brush I headed out.

Monday morning I woke early, made tea and sat on the back steps. It was unseasonable warm for November. Tomorrow I'd think about the future, not today. Today I felt calm and light and free.

The robbery wouldn't be reported to authorities. They'd made that money illegally and they'd become complacent and sloppy; depending on bribes and their tough reputation to keep their operation secure. They would have seen me on camera but what would did they see? A slim figure in black running into the bush carrying 75 pound pack. They'd assume a young man not the retired bookkeeper living next door.

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Review of Valentine's Day  
Review by Endy Noble
Rated: 13+ | (2.0)
Pengthulu, your story "Valentine's Day" is a nice concept. However, the beautiful of the story is not really exploit. Maybe because of its length. There is also inconsistency in the story.

For instance, you start with "Kelley's my Valentine" which co-nodes certainty. Down the story, that certainty turns or was expressed more like a hope.

Check out the corrections below:

Kelley’s my valentine. I’ve loved her ever since I saw her standing in line at the grocery store. She looks like an angel. Then, She ignored me and hid herself or face in a cashier’s uniform. But now she won’t ignore me anymore. I know it. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day. And she’s in my basement, chained to the wall. She’s cover in red paper valentine.

They’re stuck to her with her own blood.

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Review of The Journey  
Review by Endy Noble
Rated: E | (2.0)
Ponkacheese, your poem, "The Journey" is a nice concept. However, a journey should always lead somewhere or should be between two points. I also was not able to know who exactly the travelers are or who exactly is traveling to where. Were 'the many souls' going to heaven or the giver of the journey coming to earth? That is not clearly stated. I Love your use of 'mist' and 'twister' to symbolize temptations and trials.
Also there is a break in flow in lines 1, 3, 4 and 7 maybe for lack of commas. Lines 1 and 2 could be linked or separated. For instance,
Amongst the many souls,
I lie intoxicated by their shimmering spirits.
Amongst the many souls, I lie;
Intoxicated by their shimmering spirits.

Each of them gives a different meaning.

I suggest something like this, if it does not distort your meaning.

Amongst the many souls,
I lie Intoxicated by their shimmering spirits,
The warmth they brought, I don't deny.
This journey, by God's grace, we won't fear;
For the mist ahead and the twister, is near.

On this journey that we have been given,
The voices we hear, we do not fear;
For we share in this life, we are living;
And the voices are ours,
And the rains are tears of happiness;
Coming down to us from above.
And the harkening cry,
Is a welcoming sign of Him,
Who has granted us glorious Love,
All through, to the journey's end.

Please note: The restructure of the poem is base on my understanding of the message.
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