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Review of The Escape  
Review by Rob Hunston
Rated: 13+ | (4.5)
This, which I hope is just the begining, is an excellent set up. In the thousands of Sci-Fi books that I have read, I can't say that I have ever encountered any variation even resembling the start of this story. A+ for originality in a genre rife with cliche.
This short but enjoyable read provokes quite a few questions:
What planet?
What war?
How can she possibly not know she has a son? Are these aliens we are talking about? etc.
My curiosity has been piqued.
Though I would never comment on someone's spelling or grammar as I am in no way qualified, I will comment on content.
Through previous experiences, books, movies, and video games I have no problem projecting a generic spaceport, but I'm at a lack for character descriptions. That being said, thank you for a great read and here's hoping you will choose to expand this work.
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