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Review by Shaima
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Once upon a time, there was girl who always ate cookies, all day and night. She will make sure she left no trace of biscuits on her dishes before she heads to bed and sleeps. Every day she will be following that routine.
A man came towards her and dropped on one knee and open a Cartier box and revealed a diamond ring surrounded with gold. It was so bright and beautiful, and on the cushion, it had bits of cookies, her mother's best dish-- actually the only dish her mother mastered.
One day, however, that all changed and it was her wedding day. Her acquaintance, her family, her friends, her husband's family and friends and what she will like to call the ones-you-invite-just-to-fill-the-place people. After her wedding she never touched a biscuit, neither in a house or a restaurant; it was as if it will infect her with a virus that she will never get treated from. On her wedding day, the seats looked like double chocolate-chip cookies whilst the tables looked like raisin biscuits and the background and the music was not one she is used to listen to on a regular day, the music was of food and it seemed to be for children. The crowd were not laughing with her at this ridiculous theme, they were laughing at her. Because of that, she hated her life and the biscuits and never wanted to do anything with them. She did not complete her wedding; she did not get to the man, or who she thought as the one. She came to the conclusion that it is impossible for anyone to admire her or love her, because she is obsessed with the cookies, the only dish her mother mastered, and the last dish her mother made. She kept crying in her room all day long, hoping that all of this will end, but to her, it felt like it was eternity.
Until finally, one day, a kid knocked on her door, he was tiny, a fragile, little boy who looks lost, but his mother was behind him, and he came inside the room whilst his mother waited outside and told her, "You are amazing, Claudia. Your mother is proud of you." He said laughing, but she realised he was not laughing at her, but he was laughing to make her smile, and she did smile. She felt the happiness that he was trying to send to her.
She looked at him and told him, "Tom, thank you for making me smile, but nobody loves me, I mean, I will never get married..." She was beginning to sob, but Tom sat with her on the bed and traced away the tears on her red cheeks.
"That is not true, you know, I love you. The others are just stupid, they think you are crazy for loving your mother, but you are not, you are precious and my mother and I will continue to love you!" He said it with complete determination, as if any word she will say next, will not make any difference to him.
"Your love is all I need." She said with a smile, "However, Tom, I decided to leave, I am sorry."
Claudia, a beautiful young lady, who weighted 54kg, with a height of 162cm, died because of the people's mocking. She committed suicide...
"She will be happy now, Mother." Tom said.
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