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by Joy
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Test your memory of Shakespeare's plays
          Shakespeare is one of the most noted and admired writers in the world. Those who love to take part in, attend, or read his plays may have an idea who's who in which play; however, most of us mix up the characters with plays. We also mix up who said what.

Here is a simple quiz to find out how well you can remember the answers to these questions.
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1. Shakespeare's Characters:
 In which play did Queen Titania reign?
       The Merchant of Venice        
       A Midsummer Night's Dream        
       King Lear        
       The Merry Wives of Windsor        
       Much Ado about Nothing        
2. Shakespeare's Characters:
 Saturnius, Emperor of Rome was in which play?
       The Comedy of Errors?        
       Love's Labour's Lost        
       Titus Andronicus        
       Romeo and Juliet        
3. Shakespeare's Characters:
 1. Duke of Milan was in which play?
       The two gentlemen of Verona        
       Taming of the Shrew        
4. Shakespeare's Characters:
 King Lear says: "Nothing will come out of nothing," to one of his daughters. What is that daughter's name?
       Lady Macbeth        
5. King Lear:
 Which one of the following is the setting for the opening scene in King Lear?
       Duke of Albany's Palace        
       Gloucester's Castle        
       The British Camp Near dover        
       Lear's Palace        
       The French Camp Near Dover        
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