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Tip the scales with your recognition of poetry forms
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A simple quiz on poetry forms. I bet you'll have no problems figuring out the right answers, especially ff you are a bard, a poet, or just a plain poetry enthusiast like me; however, if you miss, this might be just the occasion to look them up. A good page on this site for poetry forms is:
Poetry Forms  (13+)
Poetry Forms Easily Explained - a work of Bianca with additions by kansaspoet
#945530 by Shaara
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1. Poetry Forms:
 A long, serious poetry form that tells the story of a heroic figure is:
2. Poetry Forms:
 What is "ars poetica"?
       A form of spatial prosody        
       Poem that has poetry as its subject        
       A poem with words and phrases put together from several unrelated sources        
       A poem that is a journal of the poet's daily activities        
       A type of verse where lines consist only of graphic imagery        
3. Poetry Forms:
 What is a 14 line rhyming poem called, which ends with a couplet and follows a certain meter according to the language it is written in?
       Terza Rima        
4. Poetry Form Term:
 What is a carmen?
       A quiet, meditative poem        
       A visual poem that has a specific shape with each line in a different color        
       A short form of verse with an everyday subject        
       An epic poem about colors especially the red hues        
       Song or lyrics        
5. Poetry Forms:
 A medieval Italian lyric poetry form with five or six stanzas and a shorter concluding half-stanza (or envoy), usually about love. The poet Petrarch was a master in using it.
       Carpe Diem        
       Terza Rima        
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