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by Joy
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How well do you know the poetic language? Test yourself with 10 questions at each try.
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          Like most living things, poetry has a language with special terms of its own.

         Sometimes, we receive reviews for our poems including some poetry terms.

         Sometimes, when we read a poem, we want recognize poetic devices the poet uses.

         Sometimes, we want to write poems using the poetic devices.

         All in these cases, knowing the terms enhances our appreciation of poetry.

         Here is a fun quiz to see how well you remember some of the terms of poetry.

          This quiz has a lot of questions. You may take it as many times as you wish. Each time you take it, it is possible to encounter different questions.

Good Luck!

1. Poetry terms:
 "*Once in a life, they tell us, // and once only,* *So great a thing as a great love may come--* *To crown us, // or to mark us with a scar *No craft or custom shall obliterate"* From Roman Bartholow by Edwin Arlington Robinson---- What is the pause called, which falls naturally within a line of verse and is sometimes designated by a mark like // in scansion?
2. Poetry Terms:
 What is pathetic fallacy?
       A form of spatial prosody        
       An artificial character created by the speaker in a poem        
       Attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects        
       Using derogatory remarks while praising someone        
       An oral-formulaic strategy of archaic poetry        
3. Poetry Terms:
 What is syllabic verse?
       The verse form in which the syllables are separated by dashes on every other line        
       A short form of verse with a silly or satiric subject        
       A form of poetry written like a syllabus or the contents of a curriculum        
       A type of verse written only by counting the number of syllables in each line        
       A type of verse where lines consist of graphic imagery and cacophony        
4. Poetry Terms:
 What is a repetend?
       Recycling the same line in different poems        
       A rhyme scheme with strict end rhymes        
       The irregular repetition of a word or phrase at various places in the entire poem        
       Repeated pausing after the first two words in the lines of a stanza        
       Poet's name deftly included and repeated several times in a poem        
5. Poetry Terms:
 What is a pause or break in a line of poetry (sometimes but not always, a mark like a question mark or //), usually near the middle of the line called?
       Falling Meter        
       Feminine rhyme        
6. Poetry Terms:
 What is the continuation of a sentence from one line into the next called?
7. Poetry Terms:
 What is an invocation?
       The carrying over of one line into the next without any grammatical break        
       An adressing of a god or goddess usually in the beginning of an epic poem        
       A poem of loss, lamentation, regret, and sorrow        
       A poem that is a journal of the poet's daily activities ending in an epiphany        
       A half stanza concluding some French forms        
8. Poetry Terms:
 What is Poe's repetition of vowels called in "Volume of forgotten lore" from Raven?
9. Poetry and Writing Term:
 What is the term for the basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word?
10. Poetry Terms:
 What is quantitative meter?
       Using different types of meter for each line        
       The measuring of the time the syllables' pronunciation takes rather than counting stresses or syllables        
       Employing concrete verbal imitations of vectors in physics        
       Using metaphors and metonymy in every line        
       Blank verse with elevated diction        
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