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How well do you know the poetic language? Test yourself with 10 questions at each try.
A painting by Van Gogh

          Like most living things, poetry has a language with special terms of its own.

         Sometimes, we receive reviews for our poems including some poetry terms.

         Sometimes, when we read a poem, we want recognize poetic devices the poet uses.

         Sometimes, we want to write poems using the poetic devices.

         All in these cases, knowing the terms enhances our appreciation of poetry.

         Here is a fun quiz to see how well you remember some of the terms of poetry.

          This quiz has a lot of questions. You may take it as many times as you wish. Each time you take it, it is possible to encounter different questions.

Good Luck!

1. Poetry Terms:
 What do we mean when we say "diction" in a poem?
       Word choices or the vocabulary of the poem        
       All the words with concrete images        
       The sporadic use of a foreign language in a poem        
       The theme of the poem        
       A poem without line breaks        
2. Poetry Terms:
 What is the figure of speech that brings together words with opposing meanings? Shakespeare did that in Romeo and Juliet with "sweet" and "sorrow" in "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
3. Poetry Terms:
 What is a repetend?
       Recycling the same line in different poems        
       A rhyme scheme with strict end rhymes        
       The irregular repetition of a word or phrase at various places in the entire poem        
       Repeated pausing after the first two words in the lines of a stanza        
       Poet's name deftly included and repeated several times in a poem        
4. Poetry Terms:
 What is a line break?
       Putting in several spaces or tabs between words on a line        
       The end of a line in a poem        
       An unruly line in a poem different from the other lines in subject, tone, or structure        
       The place in a line where the subject of the poem changes direction        
       A punctuation mark inside a line        
5. Poetry Terms:
 In this line, Emerson repeated words starting with the letter p: "The purple petals, fallen in the pool" What is the name of the poetic device he used?
       Feminine Rhyme        
6. Poetry Terms:
 What is a rhyme scheme?
       A metered line of verse        
       Words related in meaning        
       A pattern of end rhymes        
       A pattern of internal rhymes        
       Systematic implying of the same meaning in each line        
7. Poetry Terms:
 What is apocopated rhyme?
       Using the same word twice in a rhyme scheme and getting away with it        
       Another name for internal rhyme        
       A pattern of meter as in monometer, trimeter, tetrameter etc.        
       A pattern of rhyming words beginning with the same letter as in write-white        
       Rhyme with the last syllable missing as in tease-season or head-headed        
8. Poetry Terms:
 "Others will enter the gates of the ferry, and cross from shore to shore; Others will watch the run of the flood-tide; Others will see the shipping of Manhattan north and west, and the heights of Brooklyn to the south and east; Others will see the islands large and small;" Walt Whitman in "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" repeats the word "Others" in the beginnings of his lines. What is the name of the poetic device he has used?
       Masculine Rhyme        
       Feminine Rhyme        
9. Poetry terms:
 "*Once in a life, they tell us, // and once only,* *So great a thing as a great love may come--* *To crown us, // or to mark us with a scar *No craft or custom shall obliterate"* From Roman Bartholow by Edwin Arlington Robinson---- What is the pause called, which falls naturally within a line of verse and is sometimes designated by a mark like // in scansion?
10. Poetry Terms:
 What is an octave or an octet in poetry?
       Olfactory imagery        
       A poem to be set to music        
       A stanza of eight lines        
       Four stanzas in syllabic verse        
       Name given to dramatic monologue        
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