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This is a test to help determine which B.T. song you are most like
Buck Tick is a glam rock group from Japan that started out as a punk band in the 1980s. Well I'm not entirely sure you would classify them as glam rock but they lean more towards that than punk these days. This is a just for fun personality test I wrote for any and all Buck Tick fans out there, to determine which of their wonderful songs suits your personality the best.

1. Number 1 Flavor:
 Pick your prefered flavor: If you don't find one you like there are more choices below
2. Number 2 Ride:
 Your favorite ride at the amusement park is:
       The roller coaster        
       There's too many to pick        
       The swings        
       You go on whatever your friends want too        
       Whichever ride has the cute guy or girl in line        
       The ferris wheel        
3. Number 3 Color:
 Which color do you like best?
       White, seriously, white        
       Purple! No yellow! No orange! No uhmm I can't decide        
       Purple for real this time        
4. Number 4 Opposite sex:
 There's someone of the opposite or same sex (depending on your prefrence) that you really really like. You decide to:
       Tell them on the phone so you don't can plan out exactly what you want to say, and not having to look at them makes it easier.        
       Write it in a letter        
       Write them a song or poem        
       Shower them with affection until and even after you can share your heart        
       Don't do anything as it will lead to dissapointment        
       Invite them over, set the mood, and make a move        
5. Number 5 Perfect day:
 Your idea of a perfect day is:
       Being left alone to do whatever mentally stimulates you the most        
       Going out to have fun with friends but still managing to get the alone time you need        
       Staying indoors with your favorite source of entertainment        
       Doing what ever when ever the mood strikes you        
       Spending every moment with your significant other        
6. Number 6 Thought:
 You spend most of your time thinking about
       Everything you want to say to the world        
       Your significant other or your dream lover        
       The beauty in the world        
       Whatever may be troubling you        
7. Number 7 Member:
 Your favorite member of Buck Tick is
       Atsushi he's the cutest        
       Atsushi he's such a good lyricist        
       Imai without him there would be no Buck Tick. Plus he's cuter than Atsushi!        
       Yutaka Higuchi The bassist is always over looked and underrated so I like him        
       Toll I love his drumming and his hair. Plus you gotta admire a guy named Toll        
       Hidehiko Hoshino His work on guitar and keyboard just adds this extra special element to all their songs!        
       I can't choose I love em all!        
8. Number 8 genre:
 Your favorite genre of entertainment is
       Sci Fi        
       Depends on my mood        
9. 9 Buck Tick video:
 Your favorite buck tick video is
       Gensou no hana        
       Love Letter        
       You're my disease..ok so it's technicaly schwein but it's Buck Tick related        
10. 10 Test:
 What would you rather be doing other than taking this test?
       Having sex        
       Taking a walk        
       Eating chocolate        
       Visiting a different country        
       Day dreaming        
How'd you do? Click below for your results:
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