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It is about a auditorium being haunted.
Answer the following quiz using the story The Haunted Auditorium. ENJOY!
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1. The Haunted Auditorium:
 What did the little girl do when she saw the bunny turn into a monster and start eating the children?
       She ran for her life for help        
       She stood there waiting to get killed        
       She screamed        
       She ate pie        
2. The Haunted Auditorium:
 Where did this story take place?
       at the mall        
       at a school        
       at a cheese factory        
       at the dumpster        
3. The Haunted Auditorium:
 What did the bunny turn into?
       a turtle        
       nothing, it stayed the same        
       a monster        
       a pile of cheese        
4. The Haunted Auditorium:
 What started to move first in the auditorium?
       the door        
       the kids        
       the curtains        
       the cheese        
5. The Haunted Auditorium:
 What did the girl find when she went to her homeroom?
       a piece of cheese        
       a pile of bacon        
       all the kids and the teacher were missing        
       chicken eating candy        
       all of the above        
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