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by Lizuka
Rated: E · Quiz · Supernatural · #1651089
A quiz about the life and times of Lance-the-Young's padded girl.
First of all, this is based on the character and story by Lance-the-Young on DeviantArt. You can find more information here -


There is not a lot to say besides that I did this solely based on being in the mood to do so, but I hope everyone enjoys.
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1. First Image, Part Three.:
 In the original picture of the sisters, one of the girls is wearing something from the original story that is never worn again. Which sister is it?
2. Learning, Part One.:
 What does Erika learn how to do before Marie does?
       Drink from a sippy cup.        
       Tie her shoes.        
       Use a spoon.        
       Use the potty.        
       Carry a note.        
       Something else.        
3. Perfume, Part One.:
 Where did Erika spray herself in the original story?
       Right foot.        
       Left knee.        
       Right arm.        
       Right ear.        
       Belly button.        
4. First Image, Part One.:
 Who stood to the viewer's left in the first picture of the sisters?
5. Eating.:
 Erika has certain accommodations with meals. What are they?
       She drinks from a baby bottle.        
       She is spoonfed.        
       She is burped after eating.        
       Her meat is cut up for her.        
       B and C.        
       A, B, and D.        
       All of these.        
6. Adaptation, Part One.:
 In the adaptation comic series, Erika's first accident was represented with what cartoony image in the air above in the first of two panels?
       A biohazard symbol.        
       Stink lines.        
       A skunk.        
       A skull with crossbones.        
       A skull without crossbones.        
       The word 'stinky'.        
       Something else.        
7. Origin:
 From what Choose Your Own Adventure story was the original concept of Erika drawn?
       The Wotch CYOA.        
       AR Archive: Infinite AR.        
       A Choose Your Own Adventure book.        
       Choose Your Own Change.        
       A Writing.Com story.        
       None of these.        
8. Adaptation, Part Two.:
 On what note does the adaptation's teaser strip end?
       Erika unknowingly sucking her thumb.        
       Erika spraying the perfume on herself.        
       Marie attempting to wrestle away the perfume.        
       Sarah checking Erika's diaper.        
       Marie commenting on the smell of Erika's diaper.        
       Something else.        
9. Hair.:
 Veronica's hair is blond in the comics. What was it said to be in the original story?
10. Names, Part Four.:
 What is the name of Erika's adult friend seen in the Carnival comic?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1651089