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1. What kind of a girl are you?!:
 How do you flirt?
       Swish you hair, cutely bat your eyes        
       Joke with the person, playfully fight with them        
       Shy smile, gaze at the person        
       Send love letters, stalk the person (with friends or/and the readerself)        
       Ignore the person        
       Wait until the person ask you out        
       Make the person jealous        
2. Lifestyle:
 What you usually do
       Bookworm! reading books and proud of it        
       Text Thumbs! always on the phone        
       Computer Nerd! you dont deny it        
       Creative Thinker! writing poetry, music lyrics, writing, scripts...etc        
       TV & Video Games Addict- you love what you do        
       Shop Till' You Drop! you love shopping, people may call you a Shopaholic        
       Planner! You plan everything out, and you are most known as a overachiever!        
3. Friends:
 What kind of friends do you have?
       Mean & Sarcastic        
       Weird and embarassing        
       Fun people that makes you laugh        
       Normal friends you hang out with        
       A Cliché "Mean Girls" group        
       Frenemies or annoying        
       Slutty and a party animal        
4. Music:
       Punk, Screamo, Heavy Metal, Metal        
       Country, Love songs        
       Rap, dirty songs        
       Hip Hop, Pop        
       Youtube songs from Youtube Celebs.        
       Sad songs, lyrics make you sad        
       Jazz, Blues        
5. Humor:
 What makes you laugh out loud!
       Horny jokes        
       Cheesy jokes        
       Your crush jokes        
       Comedy Central Host        
       People geting rejected        
       When you get hurt        
       What makes you laugh out loud is what I laugh out loud        
6. Celebritys:
 Who's your 'Role Model?'
       Angelina Jolie        
       Taylor Swift        
       Paris Hilton        
       Lady Gaga        
 What makes you have a crush on the person?
       Jocks or Atheltic people?        
       Your own race        
       Horny and player people        
       Fun and wild people        
       Smart and pretty people        
       Popular and gossipy people        
8. Date:
 What do you do after a date?
       Slap the person for a sucky date        
       Kiss the person and go into home        
       Ask the person if it wants to come inside        
       Handshake and then go inside        
       Full on makeout and ditch the person        
       Flirt and then ask when's the next date        
       Say goodbye and just go inside        
9. Fashion style:
 What's you fashion style?
       Gothic- Black, red, violet or brown colors        
       Preppy- Formal, and the "rich" type aroma        
       Slutty- Tight shirts, short skirts/tight jeans        
       Normal- Scarves with shirt, and jeans in boots        
       Ghetto- Gym shorts/shorts, baggy shirts or tight shirts        
       Bedhead- Wear something they find without thinking about it        
       Athletic- Team shirt, running shoes        
10. Hair:
 Your hair style?
       Always straight        
       Wavy and sometimes curled        
       In a ponytail, always        
       Wear headband everyday        
       Just do a hairstyle thats cute with the outfit        
       Crazy, almostlike Lady Gaga's        
       Doesn't care, just wear what you woke up with        
11. Hate:
 Which celebrity you hate?!
       Justin Bieber        
       Miley Cyrus        
       Renée Zellweger        
       Britney Spears        
       Ugly Betty        
       Jonas Brothers        
       Others or none        
12. Career :
 What career you desire?
       The creative crafty people!(Singer, actress, dancer, artist, sketcher, etc...)        
       Famous and rich baby!(Youtuber, comedian, model, etc...)        
       Medical, Busniess, Political, Laws & Law Enforcement jobs(Doctors, Dental, Judges, Lawyers, Cops, etc...)        
       Anything to make you have a home, food, warmth, clothes, electricty and water        
       A writer and hopefully a good one        
       Beauty!!! (makeup artist, hair stylist, designer, tatto artist, etc...)        
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