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Song lyrics from some of my favourite metal bands
Here are song lyrics from some of my favourite metal bands. Some of the questions will be from songs that have recently been released and some of them will be from songs that have already been released.
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1. Swedish Metal:
 My father said to load that gun
       My Own Life- Sonic Syndicate        
       Pleasure and Pain- Bullet for my Valentine        
       Revolution, Baby- Sonic Syndicate        
       Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold        
2. Thrash Metal:
 I’m wearing thin, wearing out
       Beast and the Harlot- Avenged Sevenfold        
       (I Just) Died in your Arms Tonight- Dommin        
       Hero of the Day- Metallica        
       Dying in your Arms- Trivium        
3. Metalcore:
 There’s something wrong with the world today
       Kurenai- X Japan        
       The Failsafe- Misery Signals        
       Living on the Edge- Atreyu        
       Nowhere- Murderdolls        
4. Progressive Metalcore:
 We were open wide
       Nemesis- Arch Enemy        
       The Failsafe- Misery Signals        
       Right Now (Na Na Na)- Asking Alexandria        
       Down With the Sickness- Disturbed        
       Ascension Chamber- Scar Symmetry        
5. Metal:
 Gotta tell you a story
       El Dorado- Iron Maiden        
       Final Frontier- Iron Maiden        
       The End- Roadrunner United        
       Halo- Machine Head        
6. Metalcore:
 Gotta close your eyes for the last time
       Say Goodbye- I Killed the Prom Queen        
       The Worst is yet to Come- Still Remains        
       Romance is Dead- Parkway Drive        
       Six- All That Remains        
7. Metalcore:
 This is so frustrating
       Bittersweet Memories- Bullet for my Valentine        
       My Curse- Killswitch Engage        
       Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow- Bullet for my Valentine        
       Cloud Connected- In Flames        
8. Alternative Metal:
 Singing death or glory
       Dstryr/Dstryr- Lostprophets        
       To Hell We Ride- Lostprophets        
       Where We Belong- Lostprophets        
       It's Not the End of the World, But I Can See It From Here- Lostprophets        
       Welcome to Atro City- Lostprophets        
9. Death metal:
 How do I get home,everything revolves around me
       Immunize- Pendulum ft Liam Howlett of The Prodigy        
       Self vs. Self- Pendulum ft In Flames        
       The Fountain- Pendulum ft Steve Wilson        
10. Gothenburg Metal:
 Rushing though thirty, getting older every day
       Come Clarity- In Flames        
       Cloud Connected- In Flames        
       Take This Life- In Flames        
       Nemesis- Arch Enemy        
11. Metal:
 I hope its worth it, here on the highway
       Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold        
       Welcome to the Family- Avenged Sevenfold        
       Save Me- Avenged Sevenfold        
       So Far Away- Avenged Sevenfold        
       Natural Born Killer- Avenged Sevenfold        
       Fiction- Avenged Sevenfold        
12. Metal:
 What song does the following lyrics come from: I'll make you eat your f***ing words b**ch
       Turning Tides- The Hotel Ambush        
       Bury Tomorrow- The Hotel Ambush        
       Bear Grylls- All's Quiet        
       Her Bones in the Sand- Bury Tomorrow        
13. Post Hardcore:
 Name the song in which the following lyrics occur: Now they're cracking under the pressure from our force
       Fact of Life- FACT        
       Slip of the Lip- FACT        
       Friends like These- Deaf Havana        
       Rise- FACT        
       Destabilise- Enter Shikari        
       Resident in my Room- FACT        
       This War is Ours- Escape the Fate        
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