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A quiz about the British, German, American and Italian troops that fought in North Africa.
How much do you know about the Second World War in North Africa? Take this quiz and find out!
1. In Command:
 Which of these men did NOT command the British Eight Army?
       Archibald Wavell        
       Richard O'Connor        
       Bernard Montgomery        
       Claude Auchinleck        
2. Killed in Action:
 Which of these commanders did NOT die in the course of the North Africa Campaign.
       Lt. General William 'Strafer' Gott        
       Squadron Leader George Barclay        
       Admiral Fran├žois Darlan        
       Lt. General Leslie Morshead        
3. Rats of Tobruk:
 The city of Tobruk was held for nine months by troops mainly from which country?
       Great Britain        
       United States        
       New Zealand        
4. Battles:
 Which battle was the first major combat engagement by US troops in the West?
       Operation Torch        
       Battle of El Alamein        
       Battle of the Kasserine Pass        
       Battle of Stalingrad        
5. Commonwealth:
 Which of these nations was NOT part of the Eighth Army?
       South Africa        
6. Blood and Guts:
 George S. Patton first commanded which unit of troops?
       II Corps        
       Third Army        
       101st Airborne Division        
       Seventh Army        
7. I Read Your Book:
 What was the title of Erwin Rommel's book?
       Achtung! Panzer!        
       The Infantry Attacks        
       The Art of War        
       On War        
8. Guns:
 Which of these weapons is the odd one out?
       M1928 Thompson        
       Mosin Nagant M1891/30        
       Karabiner 98k        
       No. 4 Lee-Enfield        
9. In Command:
 Who was Rommel's commanding officer in 1941?
       Friedrich von Paulus        
       Heinz Guderian        
       Gunther Kluge        
       Erich von Manstein        
10. Nova Roma:
 Italy entered the war under the leadership of which dictator?
       Fidel Castro        
       Giuseppe Garibaldi        
       Benito Mussolini        
       Adolf Hitler        
11. Tanks But No Tanks:
 The British Mk II Matilda achieved which nickname?
       Ronson Burner        
       Queen of the Desert        
       Tommy Cooker        
12. Desert Rats:
 The name 'Desert Rats' refers to which unit?
       90th Light Africa Division        
       Long Range Desert Group        
       7th Armoured Division        
       9th Australian Division        
13. 1941:
 What was the name of the British counteroffensive against the Italians in early 1941?
       Operation Supercharge        
       Operation Overlord        
       Operation Compass        
       Operation Battleaxe        
14. Panzerwaffe:
 Which of the following DID NOT serve in North Africa?
       Panzer III        
       Panzer IV        
15. CinC, British Eighth Army:
 Who was in command of the British Eighth Army at the Battle of El Alamein?
       Field Marshal Lord Gort VC        
       Lieutenant-General Bernard Law Montgomery        
       Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg        
       General Sir Harold Alexander        
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