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Learn of what element of demon you would be in the world of the demonic twelve.
Try your hand at the Demonic twelve what element are you quiz game! Learn of what element of demon you would be, and gain a brief summery of what your culture would be like!
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1. 1. Basics:
 Whats your favorite direction, North, South, East, West, or the center?
2. 2. More basics:
 Whats the most important attribute in your opinion? Speed, Strength, Durability, Intelligence, or Agility?
3. 3. Inverse basics:
 3.What is the least important? Speed, Strength, Durability, Intelligence, or Agility?
4. 4. Last of the basics:
 What is the best kind of leader? Hot headed and brave, Intelligent and willing, wise and sympathetic, charismatic and kind or loyal and a soldier at heart?
5. 5. Inverse last of the basics:
 What is the worst kind of leader? Hot headed and brave, Intelligent and willing, wise and sympathetic, charismatic and kind or loyal and a soldier at heart?
6. 6. Into cool stuffs!:
 Your clan has something in their blood. It cause greatly increased healing, but halves each members total life span. As clan leader, you decide how to deal with it.
       Bleed yourselves ceremoniously, to keep blood thin enough that the life span effect is disbanded.        
       Do nothing, accept amazing healing power in exchange for dying when your 50.        
       Under go a ritual to remove the healing effect for complete assurance nothing will go wrong later in life.        
       Feed on the blood of others, outside your clan. This will stop the healing element being produced by your body, but you still get it from the blood you drink.        
       Train harshly with bladed weapons to injure eachother enough that the healing element will be used enough so that it won't shorten the life spans.        
7. 7. Or is it nerd stuff?:
 Your clans land is being aggressively encroached upon by a larger tribe. They have much greater numbers but you don't know how strong they are.
       Hide or flee them. Avoid fighting a larger force and risk your clans safety.        
       Send a few men to harras them and see how strong they are.        
       Send an all out assault, confidant your clan is strong enough.        
       Try to peacefully stop them through diplomacy.        
       Challenge the leader to a one on one.        
8. 8. Suggestive stuff..?:
 Other smaller clans have taken notice of you own clans strength. And people from other clans are expressing their desire for your clan members as mates. You get final say on what happens.
       Deny interbreeding, as to not sully your great clans blood.        
       Tell them to do whoever they want.        
       Make it taboo to interbreed, like if the child doesn't prove good enough it ain't accepted into the clan.        
       Encourage interbreeding to expand numbers faster.        
       Force those who want to breed with your clan to absolve their own clan and culture, and join yours.        
9. 9. Morals:
 Your clan has become large enough to be considered a tribe, and your expansion goes largely untested. Except one small tribe are peacefully refusing to join you. They have a very valuable resource in their lands.
       Leave them and the resource, expand around them.        
       Threaten and bully them into joining you.        
       Attack the clan and take the land, killing any resistance.        
       Steal the resource and have soldiers ready should they try to take it back.        
       Keep peaceful trade open in hopes one day they will trade the resource or join you.        
10. 10. Total control:
 Your tribe has reached a point of power that you are able to contest the countries current ruling body. They know this but are certainly not about to step down.
       Attack with your whole tribe, let one battle decide the fate of the country.        
       Begin a strategic and thought out war with the capital.        
       Diplomatically take power. (Slowest option.)        
       Diplomatically take power with the aid of assassins. (If discovered your own people may lose faith in you.)        
       Challenge the countries leader, the strongest person in the country, to a dual to the death.        
11. 11. The Champions!:
 Your clan rules the country. You now decide how to act about neighboring nations.
       Try to expand all borders bit-by-bit, dealing with resistance as it comes.        
       Allow your assistants to deal with the countries affairs, and bother only with your own clans matters.        
       Attack one bordering nation to double your territory quickly.        
       Convince nations to attack eachother to make them easier to conquer.        
       Co-exist peacefully with the other nations.        
12. 12. Most important one!:
 Your country must now decide how to handle religion. Your clan has followed the same faith since you were born and the old capital faith is still very popular.
       Allow anyone to believe whatever the hell they want. (This means some people may abuse certain laws, claiming it's their religion.)        
       Outlaw all religion but you clans.        
       Have a number of dominant religions. (Like Isreal) Like your clans and the old capitals, and have each equally paraded.        
       Have your religion be dominant, so while everyone can believe whatever they want, only your religious holidays/beliefs are publically accepted.        
       E) Ban any religious symbolism. Anyone can believe anything, but no one may publically express their beliefs.        
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