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Test your knowledge of literature
1. Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?

2. Who was the benefactor in Great Expectations?

3. Who wrote A Christmas Carol?

4. What river did Tom Sawyer live on?

5. Where did Homer write at?

6. Who wrote "Inferno"

7. What type of tale was Gulliver's Travels?

8. What type of author was John Milton?

9. What 20th Century author is famous for Snowy Evening in the Deep Woods?

10. What were the names of the two feuding families in Romeo and Juliet?

11. What character said "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse"?

12. What genre of plays did William Shakespeare write"

13. Who wrote The Raven?

14. What religion uses The Three Baskets as its text?

15. Who wrote A Tale of Two Cities

16. What is the Torah?

17. Where is Galatians located in the Holy Bible{/c?

18. Who penned The Road Less Traveled?

19. Who was Hiawatha?

20. Who wrote Little House in the Big Woods?
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1. The Classics:
 Who was Hiawatha?
       A rich man        
       A fairy tale character        
       A Native American        
       A rich king        
2. The Classics:
 What were the names of the two feuding families in Romeo and Juliet?
       Montels and Costellos        
       Lords and Princes        
       Hatfields and McCoys        
       Montagues and Capulets        
       Crosbys and Nash        
3. The Classics:
 What is The Torah
       Jewish Religious Text        
       The U. S. Constitution        
       An ancient Greek text        
       Old Testament        
       A Christian text        
4. The Classics:
 Who wrote Little House in the Deep Woods?
       Charles Dickens        
       Laura Ingalls Wilder        
       Emily Dickinson        
       Danielle Steele        
       William Shakespeare        
5. The Classics:
 What type of author was John Milton?
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