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Our shop helps us help maintain our home and help groups, members, contests, & more. :-)
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We have many different items for you to choose from, for many occasions, to help you create the best possible pages for your group, and for whatever your imagination can dream. You Are welcome to explore the fantastic and fascinating items available for your shopping pleasure.

Many of the pictures are public domain (free for public use), have the artists permission to use, or have been gifted for our use in this shop.

When you have a special request, please contact dog pack:saving4 premium renew and explain the details about what you want to have created.


We believe in helping writers and artists by accepting donations of the following:
Art work, written words for art work, and gift points.

*Bulletb* The gift points will allow us to keep our prices at a reasonable amount so that no matter how many gift points you have there will be a way for you to afford to obtain what you need for your special project.

*Bulletg* artists donations will be announced/promoted so that the artist has exposure and the work is made known to as many members on WdC as possible.

*Bulletv* Writers word art will be announced/promoted so that the writer has exposure and the work is made known to as many members on WdC as possible.


Please consider saying thank you to the generous donors who have given to this shop, many items, to help everyone. They have worked diligently to gift the very best art work, (word art) writing, and have asked nothing from this shop in return.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/shop/item_id/2054348-DWG-Shop