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Your home of vibrant and exquisite texts and sigs

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Welcome to Vibrant Text 'n Image Shop!

Creating Texts and Images on demand


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Spring Season Special Banner

All items related to Spring /Day comes with free 500 worth of GC and if you order at least 5K gift points worth of items in one transaction in one day, you will get free 1K worth of GC.
This GC can be gifted to a friend or someone.
This special is valid during the whole month of Spring.

*Left* *Left* *Left* Check out Shop by Brand >> Signature:Spring or Occasion:Happy Easter for available Spring and Easter Images.

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*Vine2**Vine2**Vine2* CUSTOMIZED IMAGES, BANNERS AND FOLDER COVERS *Vine1* *Vine1**Vine1*
Now available!!!

Customized Folder - *Dollar* 5K gift points for each

Contest Page Sets - *Dollar* 15K gift points
(set includes: main image banner, line dividers with 5 sub-header images such as Rules section, Prize section, Judging section, Qualified Entries section, and Donors section)

Community Note Page Sets - *Dollar* 15K gift points
(set includes: main image banner, line dividers and 5 different CNote images)

Group Page Sets - *Dollar* 15K gift points
(set includes: main image banner, line dividers and 5 different different group related images or sigs)

Web Page Creation and Design -*Dollar* 30K gift points NEW animated
Sample web page I created: "Home of the High Rank Fairies | "Gervic's Portal | "Candy Leader Board and Trophy Room

Sample designs I made can be viewed at Gervic Designs  
You can also view some at "Text 'n Pic Sample Completed Orders

Feel free to browse through Shop by Category or Shop by Brand located on the left hand side menu.
Most of the products require filling out of information necessary for the completion of your order,
please don't forget to do so to speed up the delivery of your order.

Thank you and Enjoy your shopping!

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Writings Folder CoverShop Folder CoverLetter Folder Cover


Feel free to choose your folder style in the dropnote below. Folder colors are adjustable and will be matched with the design accordingly.
*Down* *Down* *Down*

*FolderG* FOLDER STYLES *FolderG*

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GC: 50000 Gift PointsGC: 30000 Gift PointsGC: 20000 Gift PointsGC: 15000 Gift Points
GC: 10000 Gift PointsGC: 5000 Gift PointsGC: 1,000 Gift PointsGC: 500 Gift Points

We also offer gift certificates! It's available in 500, 1K, 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 30K, and 50K denominations as shown above.
All gift certificates are non-refundable, non-convertible and non-transferable.
It expires in six months after issue.
Please check "Outstanding Gift Certificate to view the list.

Free Gift Certificates here:

The following CNote Collections are attached with free gift certificates for the recipient. Check them out!

Get Well Soon Banner Cnotes for all occasions banner. Thank You Cnote Banner

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A special thank you to jondakota for this gorgeous ribbon gracing the shop:

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