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      Coming back to Writing.com was the highlight of my life. I love the site. It has been good to me. I was once a preferred author when I was poeticbear. I am known as jblackglove now. it is the best place to get out and meet the world. The literary world is the best place to be. Writing.com is the right site for making it big in the literary world with other writers and readers.

There are so many things to do on WDC. Reviewing and rating are my favorite pasttimes. I try and try hard to do forty reviews a day. It is easy to do with the great writings I have read. The same can be said for you too as one who would like to become part of Writing.com. Come on in and join the fun.
      I was introduced to writing.com by a good friend of mine loved to write and read stories. Ever since then, I've been itching to get on it when ever I can. I would like to thank the creator(s) for making this. Its so COOL!
      I love Writing.com. Before I came here, I felt like I was only getting what people thought I wanted to hear about my writing. Now, I don't feel that way. I love the critique and the praise. I love it all! Especially everyone here at Writing.com, even though that might sound a bit sappy. Thank you to everyone here, and the genius who made this all happen!
      I believe joining writing.com was one of the best moves I have ever made. I wanted people to see my writing, to review it and comment about it so I knew what to change; and all of that has happened ever since joining this website. The feeling of actually being able to share my writing is great. Ever since joining, I have felt inspired to write more, to be more creative. Basically, I thank the designers of writing.com for allowing me to share my writing with others who want to read it.
      I discovered this site by chance, thanks to Google. I have been a member since the last two weeks, and I loved every minute of it. I observed that this site was established in 2000 and I really regret that I have not been a member earlier. It seems as if I have wasted 8 years of my life!! This site is well conceived, designed and maintained. I love the opportunity it gives to budding writers to display their work and interact with other writers.The review system is really fantastic .I wish to thank the WDC community for having me as a member.
      I joined WDC on the recommendation of a friend and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I have spent with the WDC community. There is so much about this site that exceeds my expectations; first and foremost, the people are amazing! Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. My confidence in my own writing has increased dramatically and I have found great pleasure in reading and reviewing the works of others. I recommend this site to people every day and plan to continue my membership here for a long, long time! ~Miss Natalie Erickson
      I usually grabbed my paper and pencil trying to think of things to write about. I could never think of anything. But Writing.com has helped me get started on writing stories. Thanks!
      I've enjoyed writing and reading all my life. I often wrote stories in my free time simply because I got board. Before coming to this site the only feedback I received was from my friends (and you can never be sure if they are telling you it's good because they are your friends or because it actually was good.) I wanted to broaden the viewers of my writing, and long story short, I found this site created an account have recieved good reviews and even am about to get one of my stories but in the Action/Adventure news letter. Since I found writing.com I feel like a piece of me that was once missing as been replaced and I am thrilled.
-- Belest
      Writing.com has really helped me. I may have only been a member for a couple of days but the only person that used to read my stories and poems was my amazing girlfriend but now thanks to this site I can publish them worldwide and hopefully get feedback from a lot of different people giving me their thoughts and ideas be they good or bad. It will take time for me to publish all of my work but I know that soon I will have it all done and hopefully have comments and reviews. Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity Writing.com
      Writing.com has been good to me over the years and I hope I've been good to them too. I'd like to think so. We've had our tussles, but what good relationship doesn't have conflict, what healthy balanced relationship doesn't push and pull at your emotions like Writing.com does. I may linger, and lurk, but most of all I love and won't leave.
      Writing.Com. makes me so young as I enjoyed and learned a lot in reading the works from different authors. It also makes me so old as I gain more and more wisdom in my journey here. So old that keeps the child in me willing to share a great gift of true friendship from the heart to
one and all.
      Writing.Com is the only place I know where you get a thousand times more than you give.
      I discovered Writing.Com months ago now, and I just love it! The community is so helpful and supporting, and I've found it a constant source of inspiration! I have learned alot, and recieved some priceless feedback. It is a place for growth, education and FUN. I really love this site, and recommend it for any writer/reader.
-- Poplar
      WDC is a place where novices (like me) and pro's alike can recieve support and gain the tools they need to improve their writing. It caters for all styles and niches and i would reccommend it to anyone to try and see, it has already given me a system to improve my poetry whislt learning from others.
Thanks WDC.
-- Luke
      I have dreamed of writing ever since I can remember, but did not have the discipline, feedback or community of writers that was needed for me to feel confident enough to realize my dream. I am now writing every day, reviewing other writers and receiving valuable feedback. I love the groups, the learning opportunities, contests and the warm reception that has welcomed me at WDC. I hope to be here a long time. Timi
      I started just this month with WDC, and I have been hooked ever since. The people here are amazing, and there is truly great talent to be found. I am glad to be here, part of this community. Also, I want to thank the donor of the upgraded membership I received - whoever you are, you read my mind, and you have blessed me with your kindness!
      i have been a member of this wonderful site for 4 years now and i love it .it has inspired my life in so many ways and it wonderful and i am glad it here for us wriiters and for everyone to see what wonderful work that the writters can do .
      I have been a member since 3/12/09 and writing.com is the best online. I am proud to be a member.
      So I was searching the world wide web looking for somewhere I could express myself and get my feelings out without having to feel embarrassed.
I came across WDC and I started immediately, knowing that nobody could find out it was me unless they knew about the site and my username.
I was so excited...I was writing better than ever and so much unexpected things poured out from my heart that I still can't truly explain.
When I recieved my first review I almost fainted - they liked it!
The best thing was that since I didn't know anyone on WDC at the time, I wasn't afraid of what they had to say, because they probably lived in another country! It's not like they actually knew me in real life. that made me more confident in myself as well.
Now only a few selected friends know about what I call 'my site', and they use it too, to write for my benifit as well.
Through WDC I have made so many confessions...so when I fell for someone and wrote a letter I almost fainted when I went to his port and saw a replying letter.
This became our best way of communicating without having to let people we know know about it. And chat helped too.
WDC is the greatest writer's site you can ever come across, and I hope that anyone who does come across it enjoys it as much as I do.
Thank You, all.
      I have been here since 1-15-09, and have enjoyed reviewing other writers. I was recently blessed with an upgraded membership from an anonymous donor. Thank you and know you have made a difference in this writers life.
Copenator out!
      I've only been with this site a short time. I am so glad I found this I stay here most of the day and alot at night I don't sleep much any more. This gives me a place to be and some where to let my thoughts and feelings ot in my writing.This is my favorite place, I'm addicted to Writing.com
      I would like to nominate writing.com. After fifteen years of participating in writing groups and finding them too limited in regards to experience and without enough resources or inspiration, I went searching for something more. I found it and then some in this site. Contests, raffles, writing courses, and reviews of my work by countless authors and readers has given me all the inspiration I could ever ask for as well as a variety of skill levels. In six months I've received over 300 reviews of my work and given about as many reviews myself which has greatly improved my writing and revising skills. I've created eight new short stories, five new poems (when previously I didn't write poetry) and am actively seeking publication of my work. This site has given me so many friends and so much confidence that I never received in 15 years of writer's groups. This site is indispensable!
      Writing.com is the Best place on the internet for all writers and readers. As an avid reader, this is the place to see the newest writings available.
As a writer, this is by far the best place to be read. I have found home. Thank you Writing.com!

I have always dabbled a little in writing, but after I came here a year ago, I have had so many reviews, and learned so much to make me a better writer. Thank you StoryMaster & StoryMistress for creating this site!
      WDC is the second writing site I've used and probably the last.

The feedback you get on this site is incredibly helpful as sometimes it is impossible to spot your own mistakes.

Since joining WDC, I've found myself writing more and more. I feel encouraged to write now that I'm associating with other writers.

All in all, WDC is a great way to spend time if you enjoy writing.
      WDC is a wonderful and educational place for writers of all varieties to come together and exchange ideas, thoughts, lessons, and experience. A place for constructive critiques to help further along the art form that separates man from any other form of life on this planet. There are experts in this field who, along with their acquired knowledge and experience, will take the time to educate the up and coming writer so that they can reach their fullest potential as authors and artists.

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