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      When I came across Writing.com I was just looking for a place to read interesting creative stories, but what I found was something so much more then that. I found a community that acts more like family than anything else and I must say there is no other place like that on the internet.

I found Writing.com and have been here ever since. This site is by far my favorite site, and will always be. Over my time here I've met great friends. I thank TSM and TSMS for making this all possible.
      I have to give many thanks to WTC. In the past, as has happened recently again, all of my digital copies in my possesion have been lost. WTC has housed the final drafts of many of my documents which may have been irrecoverable otherwise.
      I came to writing.com when it was stories.com because I love to read. But I am also a writer. When I had something that I felt compelled to publish, I came here first to let 'the cat out of the bag', and get feedback. I hoped to polish my poems before sending off to publishers, but found so much more. There are many websites to choose from, but the community of writer's here has exceeded my already high expectations. Shout out to WDC friends...
      About 5 days ago my friend ask me to check out this site.I love it!Can't get enough of it.It let's me put pen to paper and get out my thoughts,otherwise may not have surfaced.I encourage everyone to try this site out, it is the best.The people here are so helpful in everyway it is just one big writing family.Everyone here is so nice,and have been since day one,Thanks to everybody,let go write!
      I joined Writing.com two months ago. In two days I will no longer be a newbie (New Person on Site) but will join the ranks of the oldtimers.
I joined the site because I love to write and love to read other writer’s efforts. Writing.com has fulfilled my goals. In less than two months over 3,000 people have read my writing, over 400 have rated my writing, I have been awarded 5 Awardicons and two merit badges and I have read over 400 wonderful writer’s articles. I have joined several awesome support groups, and made more friends in two months than I can count. Not only have I learned, I have also helped others, for this is what Writing.com is all about. This is a writer’s/Poet’s hope come true!
      Writing.com is not just a writing site. It is a community where you can be yourself and find others to learn from and to share with. People from different cultures learn, through each other's writings, about other countries, beliefs, and customs. It is a chance also to understand physical, mental, and emotional challenges others face through their writing. Where else can you learn philosophy, psychology, cultural awareness, writing skills, and share whatever it is about you that makes you unique.
I started over a year ago and have written so much more than the 30 something years before I joined. The daily practice, contests, prompts, and other activities keep me on my toes. Most of us don't even know another writer in our family or place of employment. Folks may not get our poetry or even care to read our stories in our daily life. Here, though, our poetry and stories find an audience and we get some feedback. What more could you ask for from a mere writing website.
-- SWPoet
      Its not normal for a website to be so accomodating and providing yet not wanting so much from us writers. I feel so free and unrestrained and occasionally getting caught up in the bliss of Writers Haven. I've surfed the web for so many writers sites and get discouraged on the FIRST page. But here the only time i'll get discouraged is when i'll hate it[Writing.com]. And that aint never gonna happen.
      This is the best writing website I've ever found! This site has changed my life. Before I found it, I only dabbled in writing, rarely completing anything. Now, I'm writing more than ever and have met some of the best people I've ever known. I couldn't thank these people more for all they've done for me!
-- Reyah
      Writing.com is most definently the best site I've ever been referred to! Within six or seven hours of becoming a member and posting a few poems, I had two reviews and - little did I know - more coming! My confidence has increased ten-fold the past weeks and I thank the site and it's founders for that. Not to mention the great members giving the reviews! Keep up the great work all, I know I will!
-- Jigme
      I love writing.com! It is truly the best place to come for writers of all kinds! And readers too! When other writers read your work they can review it and give you advice or praise. They aren't afraid of telling you that you need work on something, unlike most of your friends and family who will just be like "Oh Jill! That's wonderful!"
Readers can read new stories from promising new writers and can give the writer their imput as well!
I love writing.com and would not think of going anywhere else!
      Today is my 6 month anniversary on WDC. Since I discovered WDC existed, I feel like this is the place I was meant to find. I have always enjoyed writing and on here with the help of other writers I am learning to become a more proficient writer. At first I did feel a little miffed when I got reviews, but then I realized that the reviews were given to help me. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people who have reviewed my work and I also want to thank WDC for existing. Thanks a bunch to the creators and all the really nice people I have encountered. It feels like an extended part of my family.
      I'm amazed at Writing.com. I've been a member nothing more than 2 days, and I've got a few reviews already, and these are helping me greatly. I found people reading my work and commenting a bit daunting first but now I know it will improve me as a writer.

I just want to say a thank you to the site, and everyone that has took the time to read my stuff. Also to the future peeps who may read any of work.

Cheers all.
-- N A W
      When I first came to Writing.com, I was looking for a place to post my latest works, get some friendly criticism, and read some great stories; I got much, much more than I'd hoped for! On most writing sites, it takes days for your stories to be rated by anyone. Here, I got a full review within the first day! I was shocked at finding REALLY great stories and poems on this site without even having to search. I may be new here, but I already know that I'm going to become addicted-- and help my writing skills along the way.
      When I first logged onto Writing.com in May 2008, I had NO idea how much I would love it! I have tried other writing sites, and found them mediocre. The quality of feedback and friendliness of the members here simply shocked me. In my first week I got a number of incredibly positive, helpful, and encouraging reviews. When I was anonymously given my first free upgrade, I was astonished. Imagine my reaction to my second one! Being a teenage writer, it can be difficult to give my work to people I know, even to have it taken seriously. Writing.com and its members have encouraged me to write and improved the quality of my works. Lastly, this site is a marvelous library, where I can find anything in whatever genre I feel like reading and send a review, knowing with immense satisfaction that my feedback is important to someone and I have given something back. Thank you for the opportunity and the experiences!
      thanks to this site...although none of my writings here so far have been already read by other members, i just feel so contented to write about anything that makes me feel so jumpy and excited. thank you very much for providing such a huge space for writers like me.
      At age 7 I learned that I had a gift. That gift was my ability to articulate my feelings into print. Over the years I sought for a way to use this gift but found no true outlet. About two weeks ago I found a great web site that provides me with that outlet and puts my work in front of some of the greatest literar y minds of our age. Many of the people you read material from on this site will some day be published authors and household names. You will never go wrong with Writing.Com.
      IT'S MY 1st WDC BIRTHDAY! Whoooooo!!
As such it is time for me to tell the Staff and Moddies and all the other writers here that I can't remember what my life was like before I met you all.
You all rock my world.
Thank you for encouraging me to keep writing, It's all because of you guys *Smile*
Much Love
Kay x
      This is one of the greatest sites on the internet. It allows everyone to become an author, to submit their works to other readers and writers in this great community called Writing.com. I enjoy reading books and had often thought about writing in the past, but I just didn't have the courage to write anything because I feared that I would be ridiculed, but Writing.com allowed me to pursue my dreams of being a poet and an author and the feedback from this site has been overwhelmingly positive, and now I have written some stories and poems and is now a recognised poet and author in my school.
-- Ralari
      WDC is my favorite place to be. I came across the site when searching for a place to put all my stories. I've tried many places, and WDC is the friendliest of them all. I've only been here for about a year, and already I realize this is something I'm going to be doing my whole life.
      I found Writing.Com when I typed 'storywriting' into google. i clicked on it, and now im hooked. I go on everyday after school to type up my stories. thanks to everyone who reviewed my work, it helped me sooooo much. I LOVE WRITING.COM!!!!!!!
-- ily-xx
      Writing has always been my escape, my therapy, and my savior. When I found Writing.com, it was like finding that elusive home that people are always searching for. Here, I have found friends, family, and support that I never knew existed. Writing.com has not only bettered me as a writer, but also as a person. Thank you, Writing.com, and all of your members!
      In my lifetime, I've found nothing for enhancing, or exhilarating as writing. And so when one of my friends asked me to visit this website, I was thrilled. I continue to come and post my works, and enjoy reading the works of others too.

Writing is just something that gets me pumped up and is an easy way for me to describe and express how I feel. :]
-- Becca
      I was searching for a good site to post my literary pieces in and I came across writing.com. Like others here, it has made me write more often and it has given me the chance to grow as a writer and practice this craft even more.
      Well......WDC(Writing.com) is a great place for all writers concerned. I have been here for a while now and am still learning new things. Plus the community is very supportive in every possible way.They are always ready to give you a helping hand booming your writing ability to the upper limit.
It is said that writing heals your soul same as music and believe me they have proved this True. Thanks for making me trust in the words of the Heart not that i doubt it........
WDC is a treasure chest always waiting to be opened........
      Writing.com is a great place to express emotions, thoughts, and ideas in any form of writing, which includes, but not limited to: poetry, story-telling, campfires, notes, essays, etc. Yes! There are so many things to do in Writing.com that it would, literally, take days, pages, and time to describe the entire beauty of its endless possibilities. The only thing I can say is to try it out for yourself because I can assure you, Writing.com will not disappoint.
-- Leeboi
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